[Drama] Ji Chang Wook heads to Spain for “The K2” filming


No, this is not an audition for a reboot of “Hannibal Lecter.”  It’s Ji Chang Wook all masked up and ready to go!  As previously mentioned in “The K2” press releases, one of the location sites scheduled for filming is San Roque, Spain.  San Roque is a small coastal town in the far south of Spain, located in Cádiz Provence (about 6 hours south of Madrid and 11 hours southwest of Barcelona).  On 2 September, Ji Chang Wook joined his fellow “The K2” cast and crew members at Incheon International Airport for the flight overseas.

The cast and crew is expected to be on location for an undetermined amount of time, so we’ll update their movements once they return to terra firma.  In the meantime – and for what it’s worth – here’s Our Boy looking way more casual than usual in his Airport Fashion today.

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4 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook heads to Spain for “The K2” filming

  1. Thanks for the news and pics Cherkell.

    Why is JCW dressed like Hannibal Lecter pray tell? Is the air that bad in Seoul? Good that he’s taking care of himself but frankly I’m so disappointed we can’t get a good look at his very handsome person! ☹️

  2. Hannibal Lecter…I am laughing so hard with tears in my eyes…you rock Cherkell !!! But honestly, does JCW wear the mask and sunglasses to prevent infections when he travels or is this a silly question? Just curious. I pray that the K2 crew film safely and send us some awesome pictures. Spain is a beautiful locale.

    • rather silly really 😉 they wear a mask because they don’t want their face to be seen by fans. for example no time to do makeup well or just a little bloated.

      • Actually, Wook has never been known to wear a mask to hide from his fans. That day he was fighting off a cold and needed to protect his voice for filming and for his upcoming musical performances as well.

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