[Drama] Ji Chang Wook goes all mercenary in new teaser for “The K2”


Mercy.  I guess we’re going to be subjected to a boatload of tvN promotions in advance of “The K2” premiere on 23 September.  So strap yourselves in, because it’s going to be a bumpy (and massive) ride.  Chew on these new stills and teaser video until the next batch is uploaded.  😀



Update 7 September:


Credits:  tvN YouTube Channel; tvN Facebook

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6 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook goes all mercenary in new teaser for “The K2”

  1. Oh,my!!! What can i say?!!!
    🙀Handsome to the max😻
    Can’t wait for 9.23 over tvN!

  2. Thank you Cherkell!

    Is it possible that the fighting scenes are going to be even better than Healer? I LOVE JCW in action! He fights like he was brought up with the Shaolin monks or something! His fighting sequence looks absolutely amazing!!

    PS. Yes..have been missing JCW terribly!!

  3. He looks like a fashion model in the pics, but in the video, the action scene is so intense. His acting is very good. It makes me feel like he is fighting for real, no holding back. What if K2 has to fight with Healer? Haha..I think K2 will win. He looks so strong and very masculine!!

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