[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and YoonA to guest on Taxi + official “The K2” posters released

It’s Monday, which means the media is back at work to release more goodies for “The K2”! This time, we get shots of the official posters for the drama, and an announcement for a variety show appearance by Ji Chang Wook and his co-star YoonA.

According to news reports, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA are scheduled to film the tvN talk show “Taxi” on 20 September after the press conference for “The K2”. For those not familiar with the programme, “Taxi” is billed as an “on-site talk show” conducted within the confines of a taxi, with the guests being driven around by the hosts as they chat. The show is hosted by comedian Lee Young Ja and musical actor Oh Man Seok, who previously starred with Ji Chang Wook in “The Days”. “Taxi” airs every Tuesday night at 8.40pm KST on tvN. The episode is expected to air at the end of the month.

And here are the rest of the official posters.




Update 12 September:  Glorious Entertainment has also chimed in with a few behind-scenes photos of the poster shoot:

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Credit: Naver News; Glorious Entertainment

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12 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and YoonA to guest on Taxi + official “The K2” posters released

  1. Please! Let’s give our love to JCW. Let’s support his action drama The K2 on tvN by watching it religiously to boost its ratings. Let’s make it the blockbuster drama of 2016!!!!!

    • While we totally agree with your statement, many international viewers do not realise that watching “The K2” outside of Korea does not count in the numbers cumulated by the AGB Nielsen and TNmS rating companies. The ratings are only gathered from Korean-based viewers alone. If that was the case, then “Healer” would have had ratings off the charts… which sadly as we all know, it didn’t. 😦 But fortunately (like for “Healer”), massive international viewer interest means that maybe a DVD boxset may be contemplated in the future. *fingers crossed*

  2. Hi Gabby, is there a news of JCW joining a friendly football match with Indonesian actors on late October? I have read it somewhere and cannot confirm if the news is legit. Thanks in advanced for any info that you may share! 🙂

    • I’ve heard of such a thing but I can’t confirm anything for sure. He and his agency haven’t mentioned anything about this, and we’ve learnt from experience that the football match line-up shouldn’t be treated as something set in stone. Personally, I think it might be hard for him to make time to fly to Indonesia in October since he should be busy filming The K2. I’m just guessing of course 🙂

      • Thanks Gabby! 🙂 I’ve just came back from my Korea trip but I guess I have no luck yet in meeting him.

  3. JCW looks so cool and handsome in the poster shots! Can’t wait to see him in this drama.
    I also agree that Whirlwind Girl 2 is too dragging, and only watch it because JCW. He portrays Chang An so well. Like any other character, he does his best! His acting is truly superb. Does any one know what number is the last episode of WG 2? I thought that it was 28, but now is ready to play episode 33. When Chang An and Bai Cao finally get together?
    I heard that WG2 was the number one show for 6 weeks in China. Is it still same?

  4. i just can’t get past his eyes and lips! he is so expressive with those gorgeous doe eyes! i can’t wait for this one. i have been trying to watch whirlwind girl 2 and it is pretty torturous to wait for him to appear. they have butchered TKD and its is so cheesy i gag for them. but when JCW appears, i forget for a bit!

  5. I think JCW’s skin looks very nice in the BTS photos, but he looks quite rough in the official poster! Anyway, the pic of him and Yoona is very romantic and full of chemistry.

  6. Thanks for this piece of news Gabby.

    Any idea how we can get to watch this “taxi” talk show? Counting down the days to K2! Yes!!!

    • You can tune in and watch on your television if tvN channel is available in your country as cable TV subscription service. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s any legal avenues for foreigners to watch the programme. tvN may upload some short clips of the show on their YouTube channel. Some sites may also upload fansubbed videos of the whole show.

    • This probably isn’t too helpful, but onDemandKorea has this show available to watch legitimately and for free, but it appears this is one of the shows that is not getting subtitled.

      That is why I don’t sign up to pay for adfree because not all of their shows get English subs. And besides, the ads only appear before the show starts and you’re done with ads for the entire remainder of the show anyway.

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