[Drama] First glimpse of Ji Chang Wook in first episode preview of “The K2”

tvN shared some exclusive stills of Ji Chang Wook’s in the first episode of “The K2”, which is set to air this Friday. D-day is drawing nearer!

In the stills, we see Go Anna’s (YoonA) first encounter with Kim Jae Ha (Ji Chang Wook) at a subway station in Spain. At this point in time, Anna has been living isolated from the world, while Jae Ha has been living as a fugitive, hence his dishevelled appearance.


Go Anna, who seems to be escaping from someone, grabs his hand, asking for help.

He apparently accepts gives in to her call for help as we see him face-off with an unknown assailant.

Six months later, Kim Jae Ha returns with a new hairstyle and is working at a signboard factory.

But his workplace suddenly gets invaded by troops from the JSS, thus linking him to Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah) and her powerful husband Jang Se Jun (Cho Sung Ha).

Jae Ha seems to have already noticed the impending danger as he looks down at them from above.


How will he escape from this crisis? We have to tune in on Friday to find out of course!

But tomorrow will also be an eventful day. You can catch the live stream of “The K2” press conference on Daum TV Pot at 11am KST tomorrow (20 September).

Ji Chang Wook and YoonA will also be having a love chat about the drama on SMTown’s Vapp channel at 1.30pm KST.

Busy days ahead for everyone. Brace yourselves for the ride!

Credit: tvN Naver Post; The K2 Facebook page

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  1. Thanks for the update! Does JCW have any fan meet in the first half of November? My vacation is during that time, and I think I can manage to see him from Nov 3 to Nov 12. Anyone knows?

  2. Thank you Gabby! Great introduction to K2! Can’t wait to see JCW kicking some bad ass!! The bad guys are in for a rough ride! September 23 can’t come fast enough!

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