[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and YoonA in “The K2” live chat broadcasts


In a busy day of promotions yesterday, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA appeared on two live chats via Vapp and tvN’s “Taxi” to promote their upcoming drama “The K2”. These are all in a day’s job!

First up is their live chat streamed via Vapp. You can watch the whole video with intermittent English subtitles on SM Town’s Vapp channel here. Click on the green rectangle icon at the bottom right corner of the player to choose your subtitle language.


With SM Town being the official channel of YoonA’s management agency, it probably didn’t come as surprising that Ji Chang Wook was made to play a game of elimination to choose which Girls Generation member he would want to protect. While his choices can potentially make fans upset, he gave some hilarious reasons to justify his decision — he chose Sunny because he liked her real name (Lee Soon Kyu), he chose Soo Young because he thought she acted well in the drama “Squad 38”, and he chose Tiffany because she goes to the same hairdresser as he does. He paused to think when he had to narrow down his choices, which led to the female emcee asking him “Why are you being so serious about this? You are not picking a girlfriend!” JCW: “Yes, I’m doing this for work, as a bodyguard…”


He also shared his reason for choosing to star in “The K2” and his similarity with his character Kim Jae Ha. He was then asked to do a skit based on a scene from the drama, but ended up putting on a comic skit with finger guns while shouting “Bang! Bang!”  The emcee had to clarify that “The K2” is not a comedy. They then went on to explain some of the stills from the drama. Ji Chang Wook shared that the tattoos on his body is just make-up, and that he first met YoonA during a meal together with the director. He says his favourite scene is the one where he threatens Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah) with a gun, because all three characters are present in the scene but each with different motives. They then went on to answer questions from fans before wrapping up the show.

Next up is their live chat with Oh Man Seok and Lee Young Ja (the emcees of tvN’s “Taxi”), and streamed via Facebook. The session was held at Carnaby Street, the restaurant owned by Wook’s buddy Kangwoo.

It was quite hilarious in the beginning with everyone thinking there was a technical difficulty, when in fact the live streaming had already started. Ji Chang Wook was asked to make a pledge to the viewers, and he said he will reveal his bedroom if the ratings exceed 10%. He then performed “A Night Left Alone” and a short excerpt of “Even Though I Loved You”, both songs from his musical “The Days”. When asked to do aegyo, he immediately went “bang! bang!” with his finger guns again.

Probably the highlight of the show was the return of the “Dancing Machine”:


Ji Chang Wook is known for his gangster shoulders, so out came the measuring tape again to verify the width of his shoulders. This time it measured 55cm. A fan asked if he is the type to date openly or secretly, and he said he prefers the latter. When asked how many episodes “The K2” will have, he said there are 16 episodes. Emcee tried to test how capable he was as a bodyguard by pretending to harass YoonA. After talking about the drama a little, they then had a mokbang session where they had to eat deliciously, and Ji Chang Wook was praised for being able to eat well. Not a surprise.

Ji Chang Wook and YoonA’s “Taxi” episode will air next Tuesday (27 September) on tvN at 8.30pm KST.

And we end off with more pictures from Glorious Entertainment:

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Credit: Vapp; tvN Taxi Facebook; Glorious Entertainment

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  1. Thank you so much for this update Gabby.

    OMG..I just couldn’t stop laughing!! JCW’s dance moves are the BEST! I kept re watching this video clip. JCW..you really made my day! I’m dying here.. Hahaha..

  2. I am soooo excited with all the PR available on K2 and JCW. He is such a character!! His dance had me laughing so hard along with Oh Man Seok. To have these events all in one day…wow!! It was fun to view it on the links for the first time but I enjoy it so much better on JCW Kitchen…thank you Cherkell and Gabby! Our guy looked so tired. With his schedule, I hope he takes care of himself.

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