[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Taiwan for EOS event

Oh gosh, someone looks very, very tired here.  As we previously reported, Ji Chang Wook will be attending an EOS China promotional event on 22 September in Taiwan, and also meet with some local fans who were chosen from a lucky draw held a few months ago.  The press must have been caught off guard as well, as only a few photographers and fans were able to catch Wook departing at the crack of dawn from Incheon International Airport.


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Credit:  As watermarked

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5 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Taiwan for EOS event

  1. Thanks for sharing…he looks soo tired!! hope he should get some rest..hatsoff to him for his dedication towards his work nd towards his fans!! May god bless him always!! Take care of ur health JCW!!! love uuu!!

  2. he is everywhere! the poor guy must be really exhausted with all the shooting, promoting, interviews, travelling and what else!
    just praying that he is always happy, healthy and safe from any harm.
    tomorriw, let’s give our love to The K2 on tvN. highest ratings!!! fighting!!!!

  3. I cannot believe his schedule…it is TOO much!! Does he make the schedule or have input? He’s human and I worry for his health. He looks soooo tired. Poor guy. I hope he gets some zzzzz on the flight. I noticed in the photos that his skin color has tanned from all that outdoor filming…got to get new makeup…hahahaha!

  4. Thanks for this post Cherkell.

    JCW does have a crazy schedule. Just hope that he’s taking good care of himself..

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