[Magazine] Vogue Korea, October 2016 issue – Ordinary Miracle

Ji Chang Wook and YoonA who are preparing for their drama “The K2” chose the keyword “change”.  A miracle in life can also happen in a sincere heart that wants to protect someone. What could the both of them wish to protect?

It was midnight. The mood of a calm night filled the studio as the world slept. This was the only time that the two leads of tvN drama, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA, could gather at one place. In between the busy preparations for filming, the two needles of the clock that met at 12 started moving further apart once again. YoonA, who appeared with flowing brown hair and dressed in a simple white shirt, had a face like it was 11am in the morning.

[Due to its length, we will only be translating the portion referencing Ji Chang Wook.]


While YoonA was having boneless chicken to recharge herself after spending all the energy she had for that day, Ji Chang Wook entered the studio. Although he hasn’t lost his handsome looks, he definitely had a face that looked like 1.30am at dawn. He had lived the past week like it was two weeks. For filming, he broke the glass window of a building, got into a gang fight, and rolled again and again. He then stood on stage for the musical “The Days”, and made time to even go to China for a fan meeting. He also has a meal gathering tomorrow, no, today. While thinking that the only thing he can do for that would be to end work (not in the morning) earlier, Ji Chang Wook, who appeared after changing into a pair of wide pants, showed a face that looked like 11am in the morning again. “Do I look like the Pigeon Lady in ‘Home Alone’? It really seems like pigeons will come out from my pants. I’m not lonely. Hahaha.”

Ji Chang Wook is undergoing a big change like the width of the wide pants that he’s wearing for the first time in his life. The Kim Jae Ha that he is acting as in “The K2” is a special bodyguard who was formerly a war mercenary. An ace among aces. Manliness was required. Ji Chang Wook made his body darker by tanning and ate lean meat and exercised to build up his body. Having the goal to change his looks also has to do with the first digit of his age changing. “Now that I’m thirty, the look in my eyes seems to have become manlier in reality, and they seem to have a story. I like it even though people say that the age of 30 is a fantasy to men. I wanted to show that I’m different from before.” In the teaser video, Ji Chang Wook revealed his strong body as his white shirt fluttered in the wind. The age 30 of a man is a growth that I created with my own hands. Ji Chang Wook’s body became an important point to look forward to in the drama.

Yet another interesting point is the fact that Ji Chang Wook is playing a bodyguard again. We are referring to the musical “The Days”. “I developed an interest in the role of a bodyguard while acting in ‘The Days’, and I wanted to give a proper portrayal in a drama. Rather that this being an overlap, I sensed that something was being matched. Mu Yeong in ‘The Days’ was a bright and free spirit, but he had a backstory and was mysterious. Jae Ha in ‘The K2’ is very dark. He has a big scar and seems to be always being chased. He’s a friend who feels like he’s alone even when he’s with many people in one space.” Jae Ha has a scar just like Anna that YoonA is acting as. “I was hurt by someone before and even hit a wall because of fear. So I have a tendency to only meet with my own people.”


Just like all bodyguards in the world, Ji Chang Wook has many things that he has to prove by using his body instead of words. Even though he usually thought that he wasn’t suitable for action, he is acting and exerting his body once again following “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, “Healer” and “Fabricated City”.  In the past summer that was like a disaster for all of us, Ji Chang Wook was at an action school. Actually, there was no air-con during the time he spent acquainting himself with the fighting ‘system’.  Accumulating worries was not his business. “When hot, I acted like I was hot, and when tired, I acted like I was tired. My wish was for the sense of realism on the screen to be captured as it is.” By now, the cry of crickets had stopped and the character relationship chart that first wrapped around Ji Chang Wook is slowly becoming more interesting. Just like waiting for a manga series, we wait for writer Jang Hyuk Rin’s script that has plenty of room for imagination, while Ji Chang Wook creates a new character.

Ji Chang Wook who was known to the public as Donghae in “Smile Donghae”, has steadily broadened his spectrum in daily dramas, weekend dramas and mini series, from “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, “Bachelor Vegetable Store”, “Five Fingers” to “Empress Ki” and “Healer”. His movie “Fabricated City” is pending release, and he has performed on stage in the musical “The Days” for three rounds since the first staging. “Starting from a small theatre in Daehangno, I gained a lot of experience in independent movies, short films and so on, which I think is not a bad thing in life. Because I’ve gained a lot of experience, I won’t find it tough no matter where I go. Although my acting now is not downright excellent, it will probably get better in the future. I just try to fill in a lot these days. I want to get richer emotionally and it will be good if that comes out through my acting.” Ji Chang Wook’s attitude while talking about acting was very tidy. His first step towards acting is like a flame that cannot be put out even with a fire extinguisher. And now his pocket is full of matches that can be lighted anytime.


As predicted, the only person that Kim Jae Ha wants to protect is Go Anna. When not a single strand of hope was left, she was the person who ignited in him the will to live again. Although he willingly sacrifices himself in dangerous situations to save her, he also protects himself for her sake. The subject that Ji Chang Wook wants to protect till the end in his life is also people. “Family, my people, and myself…I also work to protect the people I love. If these people didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t be earning money. For their sake, aren’t I drawing strength for myself even when it’s tiring?” As daybreak drew near, his face became like one that has spent all his fuel for the day. He didn’t have any strength left to even write a hashtag on Instagram. There was one hour left before the next schedule. Should he eat sundae soup (blood sausage soup) or get some sleep? Ji Chang Wook, who started debating with ‘his own people’ over the food menu, laid down and covered himself with a blanket up to his nose, and naturally wore a relaxed expression on his face.

Translated from Korean to English by Gabby. Any reproduction or reposting, in whole or in part, is not allowed without prior permission from Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen.

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  1. Thanks for the translated interview Gabby.

    JCW’s just as honest and sincere and humble in his interviews as always. I love how his aim in life is to protect the people around him. And to grow rich emotionally. Just makes me love this guy more. He’s such a man!

    And those pics..never fails to make me happy! Ahhh..happiness!

  2. As big as those pants were, JCW still looks good. He has a special talent for portraying so many different emotions on his face…in his eyes. He seems to be in demand for modeling.

  3. i am so excited for this! he’s dark and mysterious and yoona is so pretty! i think they will make a good match and work well with each other~ you know, if it can’t be me—–

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