[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook attends EOS China press conference in Taiwan

Ji Chang Wook made a whirlwind visit to Taipei today as an ambassador of cosmetics brand EOS China. He met the media at a closed-door press conference held at the Mandarin Oriental Taipei in the afternoon.

As he is now busy with filming for the drama “The K2”, he barely had 40 minutes of sleep before flying to Taiwan. He reportedly looked tired, but he still wore a smile on his face nonetheless, showing his professionalism.

With lip balm being EOS’s main product, questions at the press conference were inevitably related to all things to do with the lips. Asked whose lips are his favourite among the female actresses he has worked with, he said, “All the female actresses I worked with took very good care of their lips. But if I were to pick one now, I think YoonA will be the smartest choice!”

As to whether there will be kissing scenes in the drama, he told everyone to tune in to find out. He said takes extra care to prepare for a kiss scene. “After all, we are not kissing because of love but because of the story, so I ought to be understanding towards my partner. And also because I smoke, I will brush my teeth before filming and pay attention to the cleanliness of my mouth.”

Asked about how he ended up being an ambassador for EOS, he said EOS probably liked his lips. This is also his first time filming a lip balm commercial, so he found it an enjoyable experience.

Perfectly playing the part of a brand ambassador, he mentioned several times during the press conference that his lips were dry, and he would take out a lip balm to apply on his lips.  He even emphasised, “I wasn’t forced to do this by the brand!”

With regards to taking care of his lips, he said, “My lips are rather dry, but because I act often and I need to look good on screen, my lips cannot appear dry. So I often apply lip balm to keep it moist.” Besides using it when filming, he also uses it everyday before going out, after lunch, and before sleeping.

As to which lip balm flavour he likes, he said, “I like mint flavour as it feels cool and refreshing when I apply it. I don’t really like lip balm that feels oily and sticky, so EOS suits me.”

He showed off his Chinese-speaking abilities several times at the event. When asked if he still remembers his Chinese song “Be With You”, he said confidently, “Of course! That’s my song!” and proceeded to sing on the spot.

He said he only slept for 40 minutes the previous night because he was “too hungry”. Although he should have been able to get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep, he couldn’t bear the hunger, so he ended up cooking instant noodles for himself and even ordered takeout. Don’t you have to control your diet? He laughed saying, “I’m already done with filming the shirtless scenes, so I can afford to eat a lot.” Are your muscles still there? “There should be if I use strength.”

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Credits:  As watermarked; text adapted from Apple Daily, ET Fashion and news videos above

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  1. Thanks for sharing…even though no subs in videos this description abt event helps me to understand what he is saying…even he looks tired becoz of his busy schedule but his smile never fade away from his face..every time when i see his smile makes me crazy..genuine and innocent smile….awww his voice is soo amazing..he looks amazing every time when he sings..May god bless him always…i wish K2 become huge success…al d best to entire team of K2!! Fighting!! Fighting!! Take care of ur health JCW!!! love u..

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