[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends preview screening for “The K2”

Now there’s that cheeky smile we haven’t seen for awhile!  Ji Chang Wook, YoonA, Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha appeared yesterday (23 September) at tvN’s advance screening of the premiere episode of “The K2” at the CGV Cinema Complex in Yeongdeung-po, Seoul. The pre-premiere was arranged for selected lucky fans from the main cast members’ fan clubs, who were chosen by lottery a few days ago.

The cast took pictures with fans, talked about the drama, and watched the yet-to-be-aired first episode together.

Ji Chang Wook said, “I haven’t seen it yet. Our team said it’s very interesting. I’m also greatly looking forward to it but also nervous and anxious at the same time.”

After watching the first episode, the leads shared their thoughts about the episode.

Song Yoon Ah said, “I always have no confidence in my dramas and movies. I’m seeing the drama for the first time today, and I think Ji Chang Wook sshi is a really amazing actor. Although I’ve seen him acting at the set, but I didn’t realise that he had suffered that much. Even though he suffered so much, he was always cheerful, diligent and had a positive image at work, so I didn’t know he was that tired. Although Ji Chang Wook sshi is already amazing, I think he will become an even better actor through this drama.”

Finally, the actors conducted a raffle event with fans in the audience, who shouted their seat numbers for the chance to get up close to the leads. Ji Chang Wook closed the event, saying, “I hope you will give (the drama) lots of love. There’s still a lot of interesting stories coming up, so please support us.”

Enjoy more photos from the event below!

Credit:  As watermarked; Osen; Newsen



7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends preview screening for “The K2”

  1. This handsome smile is back. 🙂 It is for sure another awesome piece of work. Let us support the talented Ji Chang Wook and the rest of the cast. .He is such an charming.<3

  2. What a premiere episode for THE K2! JCW delivers a sterling performance. I’m sure he will till the last episode. He has been a dependable actor, true to form and talent! Yoona is better here compared to her performance in her other dramas that I ddn’t try to finish watching. Hohummm acting!
    I really wish that the award-giving bodies would notice his acting. Most of the time, if not always, popularity counts over merit!!! Believe me, I’ve seen this practice through my long years of following Hallyu events and of course, watching Kdramas. The idols over the actors!
    Anyway, let us continue to watch The K2 with love and full support for JCW and the cast. Let’s keep the ratings up and push it higher!

  3. Just watched episode 1 twice in a row. Cannot get enough of JCW fighting those bad guys. The choreography for the action scenes is really good. JCW truly seems to be flying through the air and kicking the #%* out of those bad guys! I feel so tried for JCW!) If the rest of the episodes are as gripping as this one then K2’s a done deal! I’m pretty sure this drama will win quite a few awards. So happy JCW’s back!

  4. Thanks for sharing frndzz…i saw 1st episode wid out subtitles..haha..bt i understand d story wid characters portrayal of emotions…its d first time im watching yoonas drama nd other cast except JCW…she did well in first epi…the plot looks interesting..hope it continues like dat..great starting..ughhh..wat to say abt JCW…he is always make me stunned wid his talent..his action scenes got me goosebumps..now i really understand his words of nt doing action again..he really worked hard for action scenes nd it appears on screen..bt he is outstanding in action scenes..he really deserve the success for it..im looking forward to nxt episodes…hope it goes better nd exciting till d end..fighting k2!! Love JCW!! and im going to watch again wid subtitles now…haha..

  5. SYA seems to like Wookie a lot ! Episode 1 is great with lots of action scenes. I hope the story will be better and better!

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