[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to feature in October 2016 “Korea Wind Direction”

Ji Chang Wook will be featured on the cover of the October 2016 issue of the Hallyu fashion and lifestyle magazine “Korea Wind Direction” (Hánguó fēngxiàng / 韩国风向).  An interview is also included, and a few teaser photos were posted by the magazine today.

The magazine will also have a lucky draw for a free copy of the October issue and various IOPE cosmetic products from 29 September through 7 October, with the winners announced on 10 October.  Entry details are listed on Korea Wind Direction’s Weibo page.

The October 2016 issue of “Korea Wind Direction” can be purchased online through the magazine’s Weibo Shop and in local China booksellers.

Credit:  Top Star News; Hánguó fēngxiàng Weibo

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  1. The best fan service this man can do for me right now is get some rest. I want him healthy enough to keep making dramas for years to come and his schedule just seems impossible!

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