[Instagram Update] 1 October 2016


태준아 그렇다면 나는 빅태준💕

너랑나랑 닮았나봐 오예!! #빅태준 #태준아 #보미씨 #우결 #빠이팅 #그와중에 #thek2 #더케이투 #본방사수

Tae joon ah, in that case I’m Big Tae Joon 💕

Seems like we both look alike oh yeah!! #big Tae Joon #Tae Joon ah #Bo Mi sshi #We Got Married #fighting #meanwhile #thek2 #thek2 #watch it

*The screenshot is a chat message he had with Choi Tae Joon, who is starring in the variety show “We Got Married” with Apink’s Bomi. According to the photo shared in the chat, it seems like Tae Joon was mistaken to be Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook sent the photo to Tae Joon and said “What is this kekekeke”. Tae Joon replied “kekekekeke hyung”, “I’m little Chang Wook”.

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  1. Not a mistake I could see happening, they’re on entirely different levels looks wise, but I like the roles I’ve seen this actor in. I’m currently watching him in The Flower in Prison. Or maybe that’s not him?

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