[Event] Ji Chang Wook entertains the crowd at his Seoul fan meeting (updated)

Actor Ji Chang Wook returned to Korea after finishing his Asia Fan Meeting Tour by preparing a special event for his local fans, entitled “Ji Chang Wook 3D (Delight, Dynamic, Delicious) Fan Meeting in Seoul.”  We’ve provided a small summary below collated from several different fan reports of the night’s activities.

On 15 October at 6:00pm, the Ji Chang Wook 3D Fan Meeting was held on the lawn at the Seoul Sangam Nanji Hangang Park in Mapo-gu, with the Han River in the background visible from the audience.  2,000 attendees were treated to a 4-hour performance, starting off with footage of Wook singing “Insomnia” and “Run To The Sky” filmed during his earlier Asia Tour stops.  Another montage was shown from earlier in the day showing Wook strolling (or is it trolling?) the grounds dressed up in a polar bear suit, and then assisting with the setup of the picnic area.  Several large photos of Wook as his Kim Jae-ha character in “The K2” were set up on the grounds for viewing by the attendees.

Ji Chang Wook’s fan meeting was different from other top celebrities’ fan meetings because of the chicken and cola provided to the audience.  Much fan service was also on view during the event.  In addition to the chicken and cola, Wook tried to sincerely answer as many fan questions as possible.  Through a lucky draw, he also called up fans in the audience on their mobile to come up on stage and take a selca with him.

From time to time, Wook walked back and forth from the main stage to a smaller stage in the middle of the tables set up on the lawn to greet the attendees who were sitting in the far rear of the audience.

6 songs were sung, including “Starry Mood” (in Korean), “To Butterfly” (from “Empress Ki”), “Saranghaetjiman” (from musical “The Days”), “I’ll Protect You” (from “Healer”), “Forever With You (그대와 영원히)” and “Thinking of You (널 생각해)”.

Along with the special time spent with Ji Chang Wook, tvN provided the opportunity to watch live Episode 8 of the drama “The K2.”  After a quick clothing change, Wook sat at the center of the stage while also partaking in the chicken and cola feast (and a beer) along with the fans.  Every time he appeared on the screen behind him, the crowd would cheer wildly.  Wook admitted he was shy and embarrassed to watch his acting in front of his fans like this.  He also admitted that “it hurt” filming his sliding down the roof scene.  Apparently it hurt badly enough to make him ad-lib his next few lines while catching his breath! *haha*

More tidbits from the on-stage chat:

  • He was not thrilled with the name of his fan meeting (“3D Delight, Dynamic, Delicious”), and said it was his agency’s idea to name it that way.
  • This is the first time Wook held a fan meeting on such a large scale outdoors.  He called it “a novelty” to do such a thing.
  • Although it doesn’t look like it with all the rush of recent publicity, “The K2” has been filming well in advance so as to not cause a strain on the actors.
  • As night fell, Wook asked the crowd several times if they were getting too cold.  (Later in his Instagram post, he said he was worried that his fans may catch cold.)
  • Wook recreated the “Dork Dance” from his recent appearance on tvN’s “Taxi” show, to great screams from the audience.

After the fan meeting ended, Wook met with several reporters to discuss the popularity of “The K2.”  (News had broken earlier in the day that the international rights to “The K2” had just been sold to Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan.)  He thanked everyone for making the drama popular, and stated even though he did not choose “The K2” because he was seeking compliments, he will continue to work hard to earn even more praise.  Wook made it a point to mention his co-stars Song Yoon Ah and YoonA, while saying he’s “having a lot of fun filming with them.  They’re both bright people and we joke around a lot while filming.”

Ji Chang Wook ended the press conference by asking his fans “Please continue to watch “The K2.” I’ll show you a lot of good works.  I love you all.”

19 October update:  Glorious Entertainment has posted several photos of Ji Chang Wook helping prepare the picnic grounds and his rehearsal for the show.  Enjoy!

21 October update:  Not to be outdone, tvN has uploaded its own set of behind-scenes photos from the 3D fan meeting:

Credits:  News1; Innolife; heraldpop.com; Glorious Entertainment; tvN Naver blog

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  1. Thanks for updating his fan meeting…How lucky the fans are!!! wish i would b there…uhhhh!!! He is very humble nd warm towards his fans..saw a video of him which he prepared evrything on his own for fans..how sweet guy!!! love him to d core!!! And now Im waiting for full video with eng subs..Thank u once again..JCW fighting!! The K2 fightig!!!

  2. So glad the fan meet was a success. JCW looked sooo handsome and 30-ish. No other top celebrity gives so much to the fans like he does. His message is loud and clear…THANK YOU FANS…I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!! I hope JCW realizes his hard work creates so much enjoyment in our lives…from his dramas, to his music and of course, the fangirling and discourse on social media. What a guy!!!

  3. I was lucky to be there and he was superb! He even walked up to the people on the ticket cue, before the show, dressed in a white bear suit, to say hello and hug the kids. I knew by the way he walked that it was him personally, and he showed later footage on the big screen while taking his costume off… how cute of him! He also took part in placing the food and soda cans on each table …and walked around all the time to shake hands with as many fans as possible. He is amazing and adorable!

    • Thanks for the report, and so glad you could finally get a ticket! Friends that provided updates for our post had arrived late, were stuck way back in the ticket queue, and completely missed the first 10 minutes of the fan meeting trying to get to their seats so they didn’t see the video prior to Wook taking the stage. ^^

  4. Thanks for this post Cherkell. It’s really great to know how JCW’s fan meet went. So happy for all those fans who were lucky to be there.

    JCW’s just too awesome for words!! Simply adore this guy!

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