[Award/Musical] Ji Chang Wook earns nomination in Yegreen Musical Awards


Ji Chang Wook has been nominated for the “Best Supporting Actor” award for his role in the musical “The Days” in the upcoming 5th Yegreen Musical Awards. Congratulations!

The Yegreen Musical Awards has been the flagship event of the Seoul Musical Festival that was held up till last year. The award is now being organised on a larger scale this year.

A total of 86 musical works are in the run for the awards this year, which covers productions that have been performed for more than 10 days in Seoul between July 2015 and October 2016. Among the 86 productions include 61 original works and 25 licensed productions (i.e. shows that were originally staged overseas but licensed to be performed in Korean domestically).

Ji Chang Wook is being nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role as Muyeong in “The Days”. Oh Jung Hyuk, his co-star who plays the same role in the musical, has also been nominated for the same award.

Also competing in the same category are Kim Kyung Soo from “Rachmaninoff”, Park Myung Soo from “Gone Tomorrow”, Jung Dong Hwa from “Rachmaninoff”, and Choi Jae Woong from “Dorian Gray”.

The musical “The Days” has also been nominated for the Best Revival Award.

All nominees will be in the run for the Popularity Award, which will be 100% decided by online votes. No details have been released as to how the voting will be done.

The 5th Yegreen Musical Awards is slated to be held at 7PM KST, on 7 November 2016, at the Chungmu Art Center in Seoul.

Credit: My Daily

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    Congrats JCW! You soooo deserve this recognition. Here’s wishing you come home with that award! Fingers crossed!

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