[Event] Ji Chang Wook thrills the crowd at the Lotte Duty Free 2016 Family Festival

On 21 October 2016, Ji Chang Wook made his first appearance as an official endorser at the bi-annual Lotte Family Festival, held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Songpa-gu.  And given the noise the fans made, they were more than happy to see him on stage again!

Wook was second on the evening’s schedule, and came out to serenade the massive crowd with “Pei Ni” (from his Chinese mini-album).

In between songs, Wook sat down with the Lotte emcees for a small interview conducted in both Chinese and Korean.  Of course, there had to be the obligatory fan service portion of the program, where a few fans chosen from a lucky draw were brought up on stage to be presented gifts and have their pictures taken with Wook… along with a hearty hug as well!

Then it was time for his last song of the night, “Starry Mood” (also from his Chinese mini-album), sung in both Korean and Chinese:

Other than the lovely pictures and small videos provided by the Lotte organisation, there were hardly any news reports from which to grab further details.  We’ll update this post as more becomes known.

Credits:  Lotte Duty Free Weibo; Lotte Duty Free Korea

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6 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook thrills the crowd at the Lotte Duty Free 2016 Family Festival

  1. His efforts in leaning Chinese is so wowwwww, still remember when he played in whirlwind girl 2, his Chinese still not very well (at press conference, when he said 大家好, his staffs laughed out loud and then he spoke Korean), but now his Chinese is much better 🙂
    He has competitive advantages over other ones because he can sing very well for his fans ❤

  2. many thanks for those and for the news of him being there. so happy to hear a bit of his singing voice also!!! where do i sign up for a hug like that?! ❤

  3. So excited for him but why wasn’t this event confirmed by his agency? I feel like JCW is standing under his rainbow holding his pot of gold…his hard work is finally paying off ! He deserves it!

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