[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook exudes sexiness in GQ Magazine


Oh, what a way to start a Monday! Ji Chang Wook is pulling no stops in flaunting his sexy charms in the December November issue of GQ Korea Magazine.

Clad in Calvin Klein Jeans’ 2016 Fall/Winter series, Ji Chang Wook is seen posing in simple clothes that show off his sculpted body and powerful charisma in stills released by the magazine.






The December October 2016 edition of GQ Korea Magazine will go on sale 23 November October 2016 at the usual online Korean booksellers such as Kyobo Books and GMarket.

CORRECTION:  Contrary to published news reports and press releases that we relied upon when drafting this post, we have since learned that Ji Chang Wook’s Calvin Klein photoshoot was featured in the November 2016 issue of GQ Korea Magazine, and not in the December 2016 issue as we previously reported.  We apologise for the miscommunication.

Credit: Top Star News; Star Daily News

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15 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook exudes sexiness in GQ Magazine

  1. Just a heads up, I bought the December edition of GQ and Ji Chang Wook is NOT in it. Best correct this post, I bought this magazine based on this info but these stills are definitely not featured.

    • So sorry to hear about this 😦 We did a check with the original Korean news articles in case we had mistranslated the news, but all the news articles said he would be featured in the December issue. We just found out that there are also other fans like you who noticed this discrepancy. It seems that GQ had made an error in their press release to the media, because his pictorial was actually in the November issue! So sorry that you had to experience this. Thank you for highlighting this!

  2. While he’s always oh-so-fine, something about when his hair is off his forehead…

    I’ve been waiting for this look in The K2 based on the teaser-trailors but, alas, I guess they decided to go with the more casual hairstyle. Still cute though, but with the “bangs”, I remember that I’m 20 years older than he is.

    • Me too! I prefer his hair out of his face. He looks so good with his hair “up”. The heavy bangs are cute but he’s so sexy when his hair is “styled” and not floppy.

  3. I wants Ji Chang sshe to be a success…I expects him to be great and to be free…I wants him to do more than he can…He does his best…He makes efforts…but why go so far?…He has courage…I believes that JCW to be the happiest …is’t much more charisma in his eyes…more impressions for me..I may sit by his side,eat and drink and talk to him..sort of unreal…friendly…erfar

  4. omg…it’s definitely not good for health to watch those in the Monday morning!!! unlimited sexiness…geez

  5. OMG!!! Sexiness overflowing all OVA the place! Actor Ji is the Korean version of James Dean with that hairdo. JCW looks spectacular in everything…including the Calvin Klein briefs.
    Love the bare abs photo the best! OVA and OUT!

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