[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to be featured in Lotte Duty Free K-Style Magazine

Fresh off Ji Chang Wook’s well-received appearance at the Lotte Duty Free 24th Family Festival 2016 on 21 October, Lotte Duty Free is wasting no time in churning out massive promotions for its newest endorser.  Here’s Wook front and centre on the cover of its November 2016 K-Style Magazine!

The November 2016 issue will present articles on all the performers at the events held from 21-23 October at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.  We’ve featured the Chinese version in our post, but language-specific versions are now available at all Lotte Duty Free outposts in Korea, Japan and China.


In addition, Ji Chang Wook will be added to Lotte Duty Free’s Star Avenue walk-of-fame, where you can view information on all the entertainers associated with the Lotte Duty Free brand.  The Star Avenue is located on the 6th floor of the Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

We’re sure that more Lotte Duty Free promotions are in the works for Wook, so stay tuned!

Credit: Lotte Duty Free K-Style Magazine; Lotte Duty Free Star Avenue

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  1. JCW has worked over and beyond to reach this level of recognition. He doesn’t have the big agency power that other artists have BUT he has the WHOLE BUNDLE…talent, looks, charisma, ethics, and of course the desire to achieve. I can share him with the world…let it begin…OVA and OUT!!!

  2. give them to us! we will take all the chang wook we can get! promote him everywhere! it will pretty up the scenery!

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