[News] Ji Chang Wook to appear in web mini-drama for Lotte Duty Free

Lotte Duty Free is not wasting any precious time in promoting its newest endorsers of their brand, as Ji Chang Wook will be featured as a “sexy super agent” in a web mini-drama produced by Lotte with a working title of “Only First Kiss, Six Times.”

Along with Ji Chang Wook, other Lotte Duty Free endorsers such as Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kai (from EXO) and Taecyeon (from 2PM) will perform with actresses Choi Ji Woo and Lee Cho Hee in this mini-drama.  This “Only First Kiss, Six Times” production is receiving exceptional attention, as reporters have stated it appears Lotte Duty Free has gathered its “Dream Team” of actors currently in its promotional stable for this production.

“Only First Kiss, Six Times” is to be directed by Jung Jung Hwa (“Flower Boy Ramen Shop” “Flower Boys Next Door”).  In this mini-drama, Choi Ji Woo appears as a ‘shopaholic love angel,’ Lee Jong Suk will appear as a ‘heart-struck top star,’ Lee Jun Ki plays a ‘church-going man who may be a rising chaebol,’ Ji Chang Wook portrays a ‘sexy secret agent,’ Park Hae Jin is a ‘romantic boss,’ Kai will play an ‘exhilarating young man,’ and Taecyeon will be portraying a son from a rich family ‘who only believes in pure love.’  Lee Cho Hee (Dal-nim in “Lucky Romance”) will act as the female lead who is looking for her first kiss ever from one of the six men described above.  (And what country did she save in a past life to gain such honours, eh?)

As this news has only been reported by one online source, we are unsure as to how many episodes this mini-drama entails (we assume 6, one for each male star), any potential broadcast dates, or which web portal will be airing the show.  In addition, we await further confirmation from Glorious Entertainment as to Ji Chang Wook’s involvement in this production.  We will update this post as more information becomes available.  Stay tuned!

Credit:  Naver News

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2 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook to appear in web mini-drama for Lotte Duty Free

  1. WOW! Dream Team is an understatement!!! @JCWforever…I totally agree with you! I hope our man takes some time to enjoy his “abundant life”. Take a vacation somewhere and relax.
    I like it that we JCW fans will have some of his work to occupy our time while he is in the MS. The more the better.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! im really disappointed that his K2 drama have only 4 episodes left..i vl miss him badly..now im excited nd waiting for this web mini drama..wish he will do another drama before his military service..but before that he should take some rest now..its high time..he have been working hard without taking proper rest..Take care of ur health Wookie!! Stay helathy nd happy!!

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