[CF] More Ji Chang Wook promotions for Lotte Duty Free

As we previously reported here, Ji Chang Wook has joined the ranks as a model/endorser for the Lotte Duty Free stores and LDF has finally added Ji Chang Wook to their “Star Avenue” promotions.  (Any star added to Lotte Duty Free’s endorsement stable has their own computer wallpaper and thumbnails produced for fans to use on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices.)  More goodies after the break!


Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Lotte Duty Free will be adding Ji Chang Wook’s visuals to their “Star Avenue” installation currently housed at their flagship department store in Myeong-dong.  Ji Chang Wook – The trendy Hallyu God / The charming actor with the innocent eyes!

And of course, we have the Lotte Duty Free omnibus web drama “Once First Time, Six Kisses” to look forward to, with its release date to be announced shortly.  With all this great news, it looks like our upcoming Holiday Season will be definitely be merry and bright.  Stay tuned!

Credit:  Lotte Duty Free Star Avenue

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  1. JCW is literally the Male God in Asia! He is sooo gorgeously handsome; acts amazingly; sings so well; and most of all is so sweet and kind to his fans! JCW is the best ~ ❤

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