[Drama/Event] Ji Chang Wook fulfills ratings promise for “The K2”

A promise made is a promise kept.  At 4:00 PM KST on 11 November (Pepero Day!), Ji Chang Wook and YoonA appeared at A Twosome Place on the first floor of the Kyobo Tower near Sinnonhyeon Station in Gangnam-gu.  “The K2” stars were there to fulfill a ratings promise made during their Daum TV live chat on 23 September that if the show’s ratings topped 5%, together they would hand out coffee to 100 fans at a place-to-be-named in Seoul.

That 5% ratings threshold was quickly overtaken on 8 October with Episode 6’s broadcast, but it wasn’t until 7 November when tvN announced that the coffee event would take place after all filming ended on 10 November.  11 November was chosen for the event at an undisclosed location, to be announced a mere hour before its 4:00pm start time.

“Justice Bao” from the live chat returns! ㅋㅋㅋ

Before the coffee-handing-out, the stars gave a short speech to all assembled.  Although more than 250+ fans showed up at the event, only 100 were lucky enough to personally receive a cup from Ji Chang Wook and YoonA.

Sadly, the way the ratings have stabilized in the 4-6% range over the past few weeks, we most likely will not be able to see the stars accomplish their 10% ratings promise, which was for Wook and YoonA to reveal the insides of their bedrooms.  Darnit.

Enjoy some additional photos of the event below!  (Click on thumbnails for larger image.)

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  1. Thanks for updating!! Thumbs up for the entire K2 cast!! Amazing Cast!!They did wonderful job!! will miss them very badly..Especially Wookiee😂😂!! He did soo muchh hard work for this drama..Wish they get more success in future…May god bless them always ..give health nd success to them..Eagerly Waiting for JCW next projects!! fighting JCW!! stay healthy nd be safe..will Support YOU till the END!! God bless u!!!

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