[Drama/Event] Ji Chang Wook attends “The K2” wrap-up party


As “The K2” officially ends its run, Ji Chang Wook attended the wrap-up party with his fellow cast members on the afternoon of 12 November at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul. Congratulations for completing yet another successful drama!

Dressed looking like a wizard from Hogwarts, he was in attendance at the party along with Im YoonA, Song Yoona, Cho Sung Ha, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Jae Woo, Lee Ye Eun, Song Gyeong Cheol, Go In Beom, and other staff members.

Here are photos taken by the press as he entered the venue:

Credit: As watermarked

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7 thoughts on “[Drama/Event] Ji Chang Wook attends “The K2” wrap-up party

  1. Thanks for sharing…JCW looks dashing😍😍😍..im already missing them like hell!!Especially JCW!!! 😂😂…such amazing cast!! love them on and off screen!! They looks enjoyable on sets!! And now im Waiting for Wookie next projects before his enlist😭😭..before that he should take some rest now..im worried for him..Take care of ur health Wookiee!!😍😍
    @Liz i also wondering the same..he sings great..love his deep nd soothing voice..may b becoz of hectic schedule he didnt sing OST..i wish he could sing..

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