[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook attends “7 First Kisses” Press Conference

Yikes!  This news totally took us by surprise.  Firstly, Lotte Duty Free has revised its upcoming CF/web mini-drama featuring Ji Chang Wook to its new title of “7 First Kisses”… and then scheduled a press conference for 11:00am TODAY at the Lotte World Cinemas-Tower Point in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Lotte’s title of the mini-drama required this slight change, as Lee Min Ho was added to the Hottie Lineup at the last minute, thereby making the total count 7 actors (instead of the previously-promoted 6).  The emcee for the press conference was none other than Super Junior’s Leeteuk (Super Junior also being endorsers for Lotte Duty Free).  Unfortunately, Park Hae Jin (who appeared by video), Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk were not in attendance at this press conference due to their current drama filming conflicts.

About 70 travel agencies from China, Japan and Southeast Asia participated in this web drama’s press conference, where 11 entertainment agencies including Glorious Entertainment signed MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with Lotte Duty Free in order to further promote Hallyu and Korean domestic tourism.  All the tour representatives in attendance are on a 3-day familiarisation trip which included this press conference and a tour of the Lotte World Tower Observatory facilities.  Lotte Duty Free also invited a number of “Wang Hong” (a term used to describe Chinese Internet stars) to assist with their promotions in China.

Ji Chang Wook said during the interview, “I was a secret agent in my previous drama ‘The K2,’ but frankly I wanted to play a nice and gentle role in this work.  I asked the production team to change the scenario, but apparently I was turned down (laughs).  So [again], I will be the only one performing action, and will [again] show some skin.”

This production is touted as a blockbuster romance drama about Min Soo Jin (played by actress Lee Cho Hee) a staff at a duty free store, who has to choose between 7 different men who will try to win her heart. It will comprise of 8 episodes, each lasting 10 minutes.

“7 First Kisses” will be released through domestic Korean and overseas online sites in mid-December, just in time for all your holiday shopping needs.

23 November Update:  “7 First Kisses” will begin airing its first of the 8 episodes Mondays and Thursdays on 5 December 2016 at 10:00am KST through the Naver TVCast network:  http://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/4759338/news.  (This is merely a placeholder; the link will go live on 5 December prior to the first broadcast.)


Enjoy the shots from the photowall!

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17 thoughts on “[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook attends “7 First Kisses” Press Conference

  1. Anyone know where I can listen to the full(or longer version) theme song for this mini web drama sung by JCW? I clicked on a link somewhere not so long ago but never bookmarked it and I can’t find the link anymore! It’s so lovely! Can’t wait for JCW episode!!! Thanks !!!

  2. Did I read this right? “It will comprise of 8 episodes, each lasting 10 minutes.”? 10 minutes per episode??!! I could blink and miss JCW! Nooooo.. this can’t be so!! 😢😢😭😭

    PS. I agree with all the coat comments. It’s a beautiful piece but JCW can do without it here..

      • Haha.. Thanks for this consoling piece of info JCWKitchen! Regardless..I will strife hard not to blink when JCW’S episode’s on! 🙂

    • Wow. Thanks to Csl, I went back to read this more closely. 10 minutes. How disappointing. But I guess it’s better than nothing.

      I’ll add this to my list of shows to watch while riding my treadmill.

  3. This is one heck of a line up! While I’m not a big fan of the other guys, I recognize how huge they are as stars. I’m also SO very glad that JCW is recognized as being equal among the caliber of star power represented here. Only because I was worried that, while he’s a huge star in other Asian countries and the U.S. kdrama fans love him – I’d been led to believe that he’s not as popular in S. Korea (I’m basing that off the S.K. ratings for Healer and The K2). Maybe I’ve been mislead, but whatever the case, I’m so glad he’s included here. JCW, fighting!

    And I love the coat! I love that everything else he has on is conservative and then you get the overcoat that almost gives the impression of modern-saeguk royalty. The fact that it is an overcoat that can easily be taken off makes it seem less ostentatious than if it were a blazer that’s part of his outfit. I know that’s vague, I can’t really explain it but that’s what fashion is all about. It’s so subjective. I just like it!

    Now, as a person with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion, I personally would’ve moved the ensignia on the sleeves lower toward the cuffs but that’s just my subjective opinion. 😉

    And I just want to feed Lee Jun Ki a burger with fries and a milkshake. He looks so thin!

    • about healer rating you are right it wasn’t high nor disaster but k2 was a succeed in cable drama 3% is good. k2 was above 5% and he gain popularity he deserves in Korea with it. by the way i love a dress too, its unique and classy.

  4. I agree…those huge designs on the coat distract from JCW’s perfect features. Lately, his clothes have been different from previous. I missed his million dollar smile.

    • Yeah..he looks tired and missing his natural smile..agree with the dress part..huge design on the coat didnt suit him well although he looks good in any attire..love it when he wears simple attires.he looks cool and handsome in that casual attires😍😍..hope his stylist will take good care of his dressing☺

    • And I really LOVE that overcoat – tall and lanky shows it off very well. If you were wondering, Wook is wearing yet another Dries Van Noten design (costing a cool $7,100 USD). The details on the sleeves look too fussy and could have been left off, but apparently those military touches are the signature of the designer for his 2016 Fall/Winter line.

      • Me too ! Surprisingly I loved the coat on him. For me he stood out coz his attire is unique, and the face.. the face, I am biased for sure, but he’s the most handsome out of the bunch.. I was wondering since the coat is a designer one, and often you will see that same coat on another actor, it is one way of showcasing the designer’s clothing line right? I mean do the agencies require the stylists to put these designer clothing on their talents? Coz they have a contract with these designers? Or do the stylists have freedom to dress these actors? Thanks in advance cherkell

  5. I do not know who is in charge of dressing Ji Chang Wook, I love the actor but I think the person in charge of his clothes has a horrible taste !!!! It’s going to ruin the race.

  6. Thanks for sharing it..it will be aired mid december..ohh god..happy to hear it..seriously JCW must be tired of doing same role in this web drama also..haha..he asked PD to change role but got rejected..poor Wookie..he strucked in action but it really suits him..but he should take some break from it..PD and Writers nim please help him and give a chance to show his versatility.He naturally pull any roles.thats for sure…hmmm..Waiting for this mini drama..happy to see Lee min ho also joined at last minute..fighting JCW..love u ❤❤

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