[Survey] Ji Chang Wook fan meeting in Singapore


Ji Chang Wook will be going on an Asia Tour in 2017 before his army enlistment, so we would like to survey the level of interest if he were to hold a fan meeting in Singapore.

Due to Singapore having a small domestic market, a market survey is necessary to gauge the feasibility of organising such an event. Please indicate your interest in this survey form in order to make this event a reality.

Click here for survey form  Survey has expired – thank you for voting!

Survey deadline:  Tuesday, 6 December 2016; 23.59pm Singapore time

Even if you are not staying in Singapore, you are welcome to fill up the form if you do not mind flying over to watch him perform.

All responses will be kept anonymous. This survey is merely to gauge the level of public interest, and you will not be expected to pay anything yet. We also cannot guarantee that the event will eventually be held due to many considerations involved. Nonetheless, your feedback matters so please take the time to fill up the survey form. Thank you!

Note:  We have closed comments for this post in order to concentrate efforts on gathering survey responses.