[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook fronts the covers of U-Weekly and Hanryu Pia


It’s magazines galore! And all the more so because Ji Chang Wook will be the cover guy for not one, but two upcoming magazines!

First up, Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the latest issue of Singapore’s Chinese entertainment magazine “U-Weekly”.  This issue will be a double-cover issue (actor Lee Min Ho will be on the other cover), and will include an interview they had with Ji Chang Wook in Seoul. Issue 576 will be released on newsstands in Singapore on 16 December 2016.


Wook will also be the cover guy for the January 2017 issue of Japanese Korean Wave magazine “Hanryu Pia.”  In addition to the cover, this issue will include a featured interview where he talks about the rigorous training he undertook for “The K2” (which begins airing in Japan on 18 January 2017), ‘running away’ during the arduous days of filming, his various methods for relieving stress… and how the Hanryu Pia production members were able to coax ‘manly tears’ out of Wook during the photoshoot.  14 pages of photos (with his fringe up AND down!), postcards and a poster will be included as well.  The January 2017 issue of “Hanryu Pia” will go on sale through online sites such as Amazon Japan and YesAsia beginning 22 December 2016.






Credit: U-Weekly Facebook; Hanryu Pia

2 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook fronts the covers of U-Weekly and Hanryu Pia

  1. These pictures make my heart beat that much faster! Thank you JCWKitchen for this post!

    Wonder why they would need to coax “manly tears” out of JCW during a photo shoot? Don’t really want to see a sad JCW. A sexy JCW.. charming JCW.. manly JCW.. happy JCW.. but not a “sad” JCW. Wonder how that photo turned out.. But it’s JCW..how can it be anything but great! 😉

  2. they forgot the ones with the shirt on and off! with the fringe up and down of course! jk he is the perfect person for any and all magazines. i love those intriguing eyes!

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