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5 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 19 December 2016

  1. JCW looks good with weight. I wish he would not worry so much and enjoy life. His fans love him for the person he is. Is that a picture of his home or what? I want him to enjoy the “fruits” of his hard work.

  2. He looks so sad. He shouldn’t worry and eat as much as he wants for the holidays ’cause the military is coming and he’ll be able to stay in shape then.

    Sand Trooper and Ultron mice? Nutcracker mice? I don’t understand the “accessories”.

    • yes…agree, Beez, that should enjoy time off and will get back in shape when in the military…. Fighting!!!!

  3. Ahhh..JCW..I just broke into a huge grin when I read “did a perm”. The world’s sexiest bodyguard (in my opinion!) just had a perm. Ahh..JCW..just love you and your frankness..

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