[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook reviewing offer to join cast of drama “The Happiest Time of My Life”

Well THAT was fast!  It was announced today that Ji Chang Wook has either accepted or is still reviewing an offer for the lead male role in the upcoming drama “The Happiest Time of My Life” / “내 생애 가장 행복한 시간 ” (working title).  Details are extremely sketchy at present, but there are a few snippets that have been reported.

“The Happiest Time of My Life” is the comeback drama to be penned by writer Choi Ho Chul, who also scripted KBS2’s ‘Secret Love’ (starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum) and SBS’s ‘Mask’ (starring Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon).  This drama will be co-produced by Imagine Asia and Will Entertainment, is to be a 100% pre-produced melodrama, and filming is anticipated to begin in March 2017. 

No broadcast network or other details are available, although the drama more than likely may be headed for SBS.  A spokesman for Imagine Asia added, “Only the starting date of the drama production and the male character are confirmed, and it is still necessary for us to organize and arrange details.”

As news reports are all over the map about official confirmation from Glorious Entertainment, Wook’s acceptance, etc., we will update this post as more details arrive!

UPDATE: Glorious Entertainment has stated that Ji Chang Wook has not confirmed his appearance in this drama. This is merely one of several scripts that he’s considering.

Credits:  JoyNews24; OSEN; Newsen.com

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11 thoughts on “[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook reviewing offer to join cast of drama “The Happiest Time of My Life”

  1. Ohh melodrama yes, best genre!! Hopefully female lead is Song Ji Hyo, they were hilarious together in Running Man, she also has an INTENSITY to her that not only matches JCW but is alos VERY suitable to the melodrama genre! Her, or Han Ye Seul would be great choice too, suited to melo, just finished her drama Will it snow for christmas, she cries convincibly/better than other many others and very convincing romantic acting !

  2. Yay! Not only am I happy for another chance to watch him before military service, I’m happy for him. If it’s a drama by the people who made “Secret” (I’ve only heard good things about it). Hpefully he’ll get a chance to show what he’s capable of besides great action skills and a killer bod. All of which I’m happy to see and hope a bit is called upon for this news show; but I can tell he was a bit disappointed with The K2. Hopeful he’ll get to show a range (as he did in Empress Ki), or something different or deeper that he’ll feel satisfied with as his farewell-for-a-while drama.

  3. Wowww..so happy to hear this😂😂😂..hope this news is confirmed..wish it will be strong role and not cheesy lover boy type..hope this drama will be great success nd he gets recognition like other k stars..fighting Wookie..will support you and will be waiting for this drama❤❤❤

  4. Daebak! i’m not into melodrama but if JCW is the male lead i would definitely watch it. if the filming will begin in March2017 does it mean that the time of his military enlistment will be move at the 2nd quarter of next year? i’m just glad that he will be doing 1 more project before entering the army. Can’t wait to watch this drama. Still waiting for Fabricated City and Mr. Right.

  5. If suppose he confirmed it, and the filming begins in march, then does that mean it will be aired while he is in the army?? And I also want to know what happened to Chinese drama Mr. Right. I was really looking forward to watch that one, ever after I heard that the writer and PD came over to Korea, to watch his musical, so that they can make him agree to act in it. I had this feeling that it would have been an awesome drama, with his double role and all…. and then comes the bad news that it was banned in China. So Gabby and Cherkell, any news on whether the ban will be lifted or not??

    • So far there hasn’t been any news as to when Mr Right will air. It seems that the show was already having difficulty securing a broadcaster before than ban kicked in, so with the ban getting stricter than ever, things aren’t looking good 😦

      • Is mr right china cum southkorea based production drama or only chinese drama like tornado girl 2..if it is combined production then any chances of broadcast first in south korea becoz china put halt to hallyu??

  6. Didn’t he say that he expects to get his drafting notice in February or March? how will that work, shooting will take at least 3 months wouldn’t it? How will he have the time?

  7. I watched Secret, and I loved it.. not sure if this drama would be a rom com one coming from this writer.. but I dont care as long as I can see JCW on my screen showing us his incredible acting.

    I hope just in case he confirms this one, the writer better utilise his acting capability to its full potential.. I miss seeing his emotional acting.. And I know he will slay it..

    • 100%Agree with you… he can emote very well through his expressive eyes whether it is emotional, fun or intense..hope this drama will again helps to show how versatile actor he is to the rest of the world❤❤❤

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