[Instagram Update] 26 December 2016 + Fabricated City 1st trailer


오앗!!!!! 조작된도시 예고편이 드디어 공개!!!! 모두보기 빨리보기!!!!! http://naver.me/FMmOW08f

Woah!!!!! Fabricated City trailer is finally released!!!! Everyone quickly go watch it!!!!! http://naver.me/FMmOW08f

Update 28 December:  The official trailer is now on YouTube!  Click early and often, and leave positive comments! 🙂


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12 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 26 December 2016 + Fabricated City 1st trailer

  1. Another awesome and fantastic action pack by JCW! He looks cool and amazing as usual! Oversea fans like us can support him by watching in Youtube video, so we can increase the viewership counts! Let’s do it for our beloved JCW ~ ❤

  2. it sounds so much better than i had anticipated! i am really looking forward to watching it and hope we can soon! he can make any role his and awesome!

  3. It looks very exciting and action filled. Looking forward to it. How will international fans be able to watch this movie? Will it be streamed? How can JCW fans show support and appreciation for this movie? Go JCW Go!!!

  4. Wowww..finally trailer out!! Our Action Hero back again to hit the screens!!👏👏😍😍❤❤..He looks dashing as always!! First look feels like K2!!😍😍 cant Wait for this film!! Really Wish it will be a huge hit which helps him to make a firm successful path in Film Industry and to grow as an actor!! Fighting Wookie!!❤❤#Fabricated City# Our Action Hero# Coming soon# JCW forever#❤❤

  5. I’d liked to advise everybody to go to the actual youtube page and click “like” (and maybe leave a comment). Somebody pointed out on Rain’s fan page that if we click “like” and leave a comment, then our appreciation of the star outside of Asia is counted which affects how his/ her popularity is viewed when being considered for new projects.

    I still appreciate JCW’S Kitchen, so much, for providing links to stuff (otherwise I wouldn’t know it existed nor where to find it).

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