[Instagram/Weibo Update] 3 January 2017



좋은 아침💕

모두 happy new year😘😘 #happynewyear

Good morning 💕

Everyone happy new year 😘😘 #happynewyear


2017년 모두 행복한 한해가 되시길..! #행복하자 #건강하자 #사랑하자

May 2017 be a happy year for everyone..! #let’s be happy #let’s be healthy #let’s love





​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​happy new year

*The lady in the pictures is his mum. He went on a vacation with her.

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12 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 3 January 2017

  1. Very beautiful photos❤❤❤..Thanks for sharing this pics!! Both Mom and son looks adorable..both are lucky..May God bless them always..stay healthy and Happy forever❤❤❤

  2. Of all the photos that have come through JCWKitchen this picture is the most beautiful one of JCW. It shows him as the filial and a most caring son. And I truly admire JCW’s mum for bringing up this wonderful person on her own. I love this picture! May the new year bring JCW and his family much Happiness, Peace and Love.

  3. Beautiful mom! He must’ve been smooching his mom judging by the shared lipstick and her red cheek must’ve been nuzzled. Love it!

  4. Just looking at them having a good time together makes me happy, too! An actors are people, too. They have a family life and have normal happinesses and problems like us. I am glad that JCW spends some quality time with his mom. I bet that he is sweet and loving to his mom as he is with us. He is the best ~ ❤

  5. JCW is such an amazing man! He and his mum look soooo happy and relaxed. This photo makes me remember the “life challenges” they have experienced in the past and now they both can experience a comfortable family life together. I am so happy for them! May the coming two years be filled with good health, happiness, success and family.

    • “Life challenges”? I know we all have them, but what are his? Is it info available on this site?

      • His dad died when JCW was young; I read in an interview that his mom had some serious health problems and yet had to work in a restaurant — so he was very happy to hand her his first earnings from acting. someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Yes I read that too. And I think he pays all their debts from his earning as an actor (correct me too if I’m wrong). What a good son, so much respect and love for his mother that’s why he’s being blessed. Good job madam for raising him well👍👌👏 you must be very proud of him, as everybody does:) Keep it up Wookie.

  6. so lucky to have such a sweet son! he must have a sweet mum also. they are very cute together. i am always curious about how much an actor looks like his parents. thank you.

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