[CF] Even more Ji Chang Wook promotions for Lotte Duty Free

In between press junkets for his upcoming movie “Fabricated City” and spending a few days away on a well-deserved holiday, Lotte Duty Free decided to surprise us with updates on Ji Chang Wook’s Model page for LDF’s upcoming advertising campaigns.

Most of these photos were taken just before “The K2” wrapped production (especially the one below which was featured on the cover of Lotte Duty Free’s November promotional magazine), but they’re definitely worth another look.  Enjoy!

In addition, LDF has posted a few more stills from Wook’s segment entitled “Till the End of the World” from the “7 First Kisses” web drama:

And if you missed it the first time around, here’s the initial video Lotte Duty Free posted after their announcement of Ji Chang Wook joining their actor stable:

Credit:  Lotte Duty Free “Star Avenue”


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