[Event] Ji Chang Wook attends the 26th Seoul Music Awards

The 26th Seoul Music Awards ceremony was held tonight (19 January) at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, and Ji Chang Wook was there to present the award with actress Nam Ji Hyun, who recently starred in the drama “Shopping King Louie”. 

He gave out three Bonsang awards at the ceremony. To offer some context, the Bonsang (Main Prize) can be given out to multiple winners, whereas the Daesang (Grand Prize), like the one that he gave out at the recent Golden Disc Awards, is the top prize given to only one of the Bonsang winners.

Lest one think that Wook may be making a career out of presenting awards lately, he did get a comment in about “hoping that the artists here tonight would come out and see his new movie “Fabricated City.”  Way to promote on a grand stage there! 🙂

You can watch his video segment here with English subtitles:

Click on CC for English subtitles.

This video is translated purely for the benefit of non-Korean speakers and not for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

Source: Naver news; JCW DC


3 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook attends the 26th Seoul Music Awards

  1. So did he give out the Bonsangs first and this show is recorded and being played after? How could he give out the Daesang before the Bonsangs if the Daesang winner is chosen from among the Bonsang winners?

    Or do the celebrities know they’ve won already and so the ceremonies just formalities that are held whenever?

    I didn’t understand exactly the order of things.

    • For each award show, Bonsangs are usually presented first; Daesangs are presented towards the end. And there were two separate ceremonies a few days apart where Wook was a presenter at each show, so maybe that’s where you may be getting confused? 🙂

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