[Movie] Ji Chang Wook’s debut movie “Fabricated City” to premiere on 9 February

We were trying to figure out how to post the latest stills from “Fabricated City” which were released a few days ago.  How about we join them with the official announcement from CJ Entertainment that Ji Chang Wook’s debut movie will have its premiere on 9 February?  We didn’t think you’d mind.  🙂

Enjoy the latest teaser from CJ Entertainment, which prominently features “2월 9일” (9 February) in the upper right-hand corner.  WE CAN’T WAIT!!!


23 Jan Update:

Credit:  CJ Entertainment You Tube; CJ Entertainment Facebook


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5 thoughts on “[Movie] Ji Chang Wook’s debut movie “Fabricated City” to premiere on 9 February

  1. Hi there, I’m from Canada. I hope there would be a link where we can watch this online with eng sub please. Good luck Wookie on your movie premiere👍 Pretty sure it will be a hit and top grosser all over Korean theatres and hopefully internationally.

  2. thank you for the double dose of JCW! i am so stoked for this movie and hope to not have to wait forever to see it. i even considered driving from utah to california to see it in a movie theatre.

  3. This is truly getting soooooo exciting! International fans will have a longer wait for this movie though. ☹️ But we’ll be rooting for JCW on February 9! This movie will be such a hit! 👍

  4. Ommo! Can’t wait! The movie is so well-done. JCW is now conquering the world! Such a great actor. I’m asian but i never imagined i’d be hooked on korean actor like wookie. Not until i saw him act. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this guy!

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