[Event] Ji Chang Wook holds his first fan meeting in Bangkok

Ji Chang Wook met the press before his fan meeting yesterday (21 January) in Bangkok, Thailand at the Dusit Thani Hotel Grand Hall.  Taking the stage to his “7 First Kisses” OST playing overhead, Wook greeted the reporters amassed to answer their questions.

Ji Chang Wook showed up dressed respectfully in a black suit with a remembrance pin in honour of the death of the late Thai king.

Greeting the media, he spoke about visiting Thailand previously with his mother and he was very happy that she liked the place. He chose Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodle) as his favourite Thai dish but he is currently on a diet. He was also happy to see the warm welcome that local fans gave him at the airport when he arrived.

He shared that he wishes to try acting in a melodrama these days. He also likes thrillers, but he has a stronger desire to do a melodrama for now. He enjoys the process of discussing and working with his co-star in romantic or melodramatic scenes.


He also spoke about feeling somewhat embarrassed when filming his shirtless scenes in “The K2” because he wasn’t close to the staff members yet since he requested for those scenes to be filmed at the start, and he spent almost the whole day just wrapped in a towel.

He spent a lot of effort training his body so he could look good in the drama. He said he was very tanned last summer, but his skin has gotten fairer now.

The host must have praised his knitting skills at one point, because Ji Chang Wook had to clarify that although his character in “Sons of Sol Pharmacy” enjoyed knitting, he is actually not good at knitting and neither does he enjoy it.

He shared about his love for comics, with “Naruto” being one of his favourites. When asked what kind of special power he wished to have, he said he would love to have the ability to transform like the characters in Naruto, because that would enable him to do many different things conveniently.

The fan meeting was held at the Thunder Dome in Bangkok later that evening, emcee’d by a Thai comedian.  During the fan meet, three fans were selected by a lucky draw and invited on stage to reenact scenes from Wook’s dramas, including Ta Hwan’s death scene from “Empress Ki”, the Snow Kiss scene from “Healer” and the Blanket Kiss from “The K2” along with him.

Wook also serenaded his fans with his usual selection of songs (“Saranghaejiman,” “Bogoshipda,” “To Butterfly”) and even left the stage to get up close to the audience during his encore song performance of “I’ll Protect You” with handshakes and high-fives.

Here are some additional photos and videos of him at the press conference and fan meeting:

Credits:  Feoh Thai Facebook; en-tk.com; others as watermarked

6 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook holds his first fan meeting in Bangkok

  1. Thanks for updating his fan meet..i saw video clips on YT..as always his fan meets are heartwarming and loving ..JCW is best at fan service..VCR project got me tears and when JCW got emotional i cried..Honestly His Personality makes me die hard fan of him and i even cant stop loving him for a single sec..hope and Wish He will stay like this even he is more popular than now..His Inner Charm is the main asset for him and that y We love him Sooomuchhh..stay blessed Wookie..Take care❤❤❤..hope one day i will get to see U..please do a fan meet in India..waiting to see your Movie in online(wish it would release in India)😭😭😭..Fighting!! #Fabricated city#Feb 9 release#JCW rockzzz# Wookie forever#❤❤❤❤

  2. Thailanders you are so lucky to have had that opportunity!! I live in Canada…don’t think he’ll be visiting us anytime soon!! Anyway..I love this man. Watched The Healer for the first time a few weeks ago and I am completely in awe of JCW’S talent, charisma and his beautiful, manly appearance. Watched K2 as well..wasn’t too impressed with the flawed script, especially since The Healer had a kick a$$ script, but I watched it ’til the very end because of JCW. Anyhoot…glad to be here!

    • yeah..i hope Glorious Entertainment can also take notice of fans from the Philippines that have been dying to see Wookie. He’s pretty popular here.

  3. I saw his interview and fan meeting chips. JCW and fans seemed having a great time together! It made me happy, too. There was a moment that JCW was emotional. It touched my heart. He is sooooo sweet ~<3

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