[Movie] Ji Chang Wook attends media sneak preview for “Fabricated City” (Image heavy)

Ji Chang Wook met the media along with his fellow co-stars at a sneak preview for his upcoming movie “Fabricated City”.

The sneak preview was held for members of the media yesterday (31 January) at the Wangshimni branch of CGV Theatres. Also at the event were the director and fellow cast members Shim Eun Kyung, Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Sang Ho (“Let’s Fight Ghost”) and Oh Jung Se (“Missing Nine”).

Ji Chang Wook said, “When I first received the script, I thought about it a lot and I felt uneasy because there were many comic-like aspects. But I gained confidence after meeting Director Park Gwang Hyun.”

“I felt that I would be able to undertake this as my first movie in a leading role if it was helmed by this director, so I accepted without hesitation.”

Speaking about the movie’s many action scenes, he said, “I had to act many scenes of me getting beaten up in jail. It was really tiring, but a lot of it got edited in the actual movie.”

His co-star Shim Eun Kyung said she felt honoured to be the only actress in the movie. “I’m close to Ahn Jae Hong because we worked together in an earlier movie, but I didn’t get to speak much to Ji Chang Wook because both of us are shy… I will work hard to get closer to Ji Chang Wook. He’s really cool and I think of him as Korea’s number one action star.”

“Fabricated City” will be officially released in South Korean cinemas on 9 February.

And here are videos and photos from the press:

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  1. Thanks for beautiful pics and Videos!! Waiting for 9th feb..no doubt about Wookie action skills..he will slay agian👍👍..hope and praying this movie huge success and industry recognizes his TALENT and give him more offers..Will Support U always JCW..You are simply Amazing and BEST as an ACTOR and as a PERSON..Love U forever❤❤❤❤
    Ps: could You guys upload movie with subs after release in this site??

    • No, we will not be uploading “Fabricated City” in any form whatsoever on our site, as that would be a major violation of Korean copyright law. We would be shut down faster than you can say “illegal upload.”

  2. As I am listening JCW’s comments about his ordeals during filming, i applaud him for his high endurance level and dedication for his movie. That’s why i like him more, and he is the best ~ ❤ Best wishes for his movie!!!

  3. Pictures galore…just the way I like it. I’m really excited to watch this movie..can’t wait until it’s available in my area. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Enjoyed all the photos of Actor Ji! He is so photogenic…face, body, profile…absolutely perfect!! JCW is putting forth so much effort in promoting his movie.

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