[Photoset] Ji Chang Wook press interview photo shoots for “Fabricated City” (Image heavy)

Ji Chang Wook met the press (on his own this time around) on 1 February at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, to promote his new movie “Fabricated City”.  Interviews were given to several of the major Korean news outlets, with even more photos taken as well.

Since we will take some time to go through and translate the numerous news articles, we’ll just provide the lovely photos taken by the press for your viewing pleasure for now.  Enjoy!


Credit: As watermarked

5 thoughts on “[Photoset] Ji Chang Wook press interview photo shoots for “Fabricated City” (Image heavy)

  1. He was so handsome. I hope he can come visit EGYPT he didn’t know that he has gut a lot of fans their since (empress k and healer )

  2. Mr. Photogenic….no photoshop needed. Trying to imprint his images in my head as he prepares for MS. Let’s help him make Fabricated City a success!!! Go JCW go!

    • so true! he is so naturally handsome! really want to see fabricated city! leave us with a big bang to get us thru the army time ❤

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