[Eng Sub] 20170204 CGV Movie Talk – Fabricated City

Ji Chang Wook and director Park Gwang Hyun appeared on CJ Entertainment’s “Movie Talk” to — as the title suggests — talk about their movie “Fabricated City”.

Granted that this programme focuses on discussing the movie, the interview is not as comical as those you would expect on typical variety shows, but it does shed light on some of the artistic intentions behind the film. Enjoy!

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Credit: CJ Entertainment Facebook

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5 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20170204 CGV Movie Talk – Fabricated City

  1. I liked this interview very much because it showed the great chemistry and trust between JCW and the director Park. I felt that they both respect and support each other immensely during filming. I have the absolute confidence in both them. I believe that they together created an amazingly entertaining and heart warming movie! Best luck to both of them in a box office hit!

  2. thank you for this! now i am totally psyched to watch it! i love that the director was impressed with his acting! anyone will fall in love with the guy after being around him. i am and i haven’t been close at all yet his attractiveness comes through his actions and his personality traits.

  3. This video gave so much insight into the movie. The depth of the story is so meaningful when the director is also the writer. More praises from another director about JCW’s ability to portray the character through his acting…so proud of him! It’s so helpful to get this information prior to actually seeing the movie. It usually takes me several viewings of the movie to get the writer’s intent. Thank you again JCW Kitchen! Fabricated City sounds like an awesome movie…looking forward to seeing it in LA.

  4. Thanks for the English subs and for posting this. I notice JCW seems to wear a coat of arms. It’s a great fashion choice as it reminds me of royalty. It also reminds me of Michael Jackson as, a photographer once added a touch of something like this in a photo shoot and for years MJ embraced that style.

    Does anyone know if it’s just a style choice for JCW or if he’s had his family name done to create a coat of arms? (They’re are companies that will do that for you. )

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