[Movie] Ji Chang Wook at “Fabricated City” Star Live Talk and Vapp talk show


Ji Chang Wook was once again busy with “Fabricated City” promotions last night (7 February), appearing on a live talk show and then at a Star Live Talk event on stage. 

The Star Live Talk, which was held at CGV Apgujeong cinema at 7.30pm KST, was attended by Director Park Gwang Hyun and co-stars Oh Jung Se and Kim Sang Ho. The event was also screened live at several cinemas across Seoul at the same time.

Vapp “Actor and Chatter” talk show

Prior to the event, Ji Chang Wook also appeared as the first guest on a “Actor and Chatter” talk show series that was broadcast live on Vapp. The interview was held in an attic, to which Ji Chang Wook said he felt nervous coming to such a place for the first time, but he also felt happy to have the honour of being the first guest to appear on this show.

The emcee, comedian Park Kyung Lim, then brought up the kiss scene he had with YoonA in an attic in the drama “The K2”. He said, “It was dawn at that time. We filmed it when both of us were feeling tired. My condition now is good.”

He was generous with his fan service and posed with various kinds of facial expressions for fans; he even demonstrated his singing ability on the show.

Asked about his recent appearance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, he said “I was extremely nervous. I can sing better usually, but I couldn’t sing well because I was nervous.”


At that moment, “Fabricated City” appeared on the real-time search rankings in Korea. He said, “I hope more promotions will be done well. I hope many people will be aware of the existence of this interesting movie, go to the cinema to watch it, and have a good time watching it for two hours. This is also my first time doing such promotions so I’m embarrassed to say that my movie is interesting, but I can now confidently say that it is really interesting. I’m slowly gaining more confidence about the movie.”

His own name also appeared on the real-time search rankings, to which he said with a laugh, “I’m really thankful. I hope to be number 1.”

Regarding the similarities he share with his unemployed character in the movie, he said, “This job is not unfamiliar to me. An actor is also unemployed when he has nothing to do. I’m a contract worker and freelancer. After one project is completed, I go to sleep and wake up as a jobless person.” Asked when will he be unemployed again, he replied, “I’ll be unemployed once movie promotions are over. Depends on how well it does, I’ll become unemployed faster if it ends its run in cinemas faster.”

Although he plays a perfect leader in the movie, he said, “I’m the kind who follows the lead of others. I’m not a leader. (When dating) I differ from time to time. I differ depending on the other person.”

He also spoke about the VIP movie premiere that was held the previous day. “We had a wrap-up party after the premiere yesterday. We drank to our heart’s content up till 3am and I almost had to be carried back home.” He claimed he wasn’t able to concentrate on the movie because of nervousness during the first sneak preview, so he was finally able to watch the movie properly at the VIP premiere.

“I contacted the seniors and colleagues whom I worked with over the years. I contacted them because I thought it would only be polite to contact them personally when there is a VIP premiere. I’m very grateful that those who were able to make it to the premiere came willingly. Because I’m meeting these seniors and colleagues after a long time, while greeting them, I thought of the memories I had with these people whom I worked with over the years.”


He mentioned about the supportive messages from his colleagues. “Yoo Sun noona uploaded a photo she took with me on social media and wrote ‘Mi-poong ah, you’ve returned like this after several years’, and I asked if she had seen how young I looked back then. I felt a little moved seeing how noona and I have changed.” (Yoo Sun acted with him in the drama “Sons of Sol Pharmacy; Mi Poong is the name of his character in that drama)

About the good fortune in his life, he said with a laugh, “I think getting to act in ‘Fabricated City’ was a good fortune. Audiences probably can’t recall me because I’m not an actor who appears often in movies. Now that I’m able to meet everyone like that, I think I will get more movie offers in the future.”

Speaking about the various decades of his life, he said, “When I was schooling, I didn’t know I was handsome. I didn’t know how to make myself look good either, I only learnt how to do that while working.  I gained weight when I rested. I was chubby when I was younger. I had a lot of fats on my cheeks and my body was skinny. I’ve lost a lot of baby fat.”

“My twenties was a period when I was immature and went full speed ahead with passion and big dreams without looking back. I’ll be more relaxed in my thirties.”

As to what advice he would give to students, he said, “Do what you wish to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I studied and was only curious about my results. Although studying is important, it is important that you think about what you really want to do. You will feel very happy doing something that you want to do.”

In other news, it has been reported that “Fabricated City” has clinched the top spot in the rankings for advance ticket sales with a score of 19.9% ahead of the movie’s official premiere. Hopefully this is a sign that the movie will do well!

Ji Chang Wook said, “The movie seems to be getting a lot of interest even before the official release, so I’m thankful, and I hope that this level of interest will continue even after the movie is released.”


Credit: Xsports News; Herald Pop; TV Report; as watermarked

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  1. Thank you Gabby for the translation.

    JCW never fails to surprise me again and again. He’s candidly open. I never looked at an actor’s life the way JCW put it. That as long as they’re not in a project then they’re really unemployed until their next project. I always see actors and actresses as being employed all the time. Especially the A-listers. JCW’s comment has definitely opened my eyes.

    So far JCW’s movie has received loads of positive reviews. I hope this will continue and that the movie will take #1 spot!

  2. I always like and impress by JCW’s candid interviews. He doesn’t seem to have any filter when he responses to interviewers. He is truth to himself and to us. JCW has many charming qualities; however, honesty and sincerity are his best qualities. It takes a lot of confidence to be like that in front of the public. So, I am very happy to know that JCW is very comfortable in his own skin and who he is. As far as I am concerned, he is the best|~ ❤
    Best luck to you and your first movie!!! ^0^

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