[CF] Ji Chang Wook looks arresting for POLICE eyewear

Actor Ji Chang Wook was selected as the Korean ambassador of Italian lifestyle brand “POLICE,” which is being developed in conjunction with Korean company Sewon ITC.  On 9 February, POLICE released their “2017 Eyewear Collection” campaign featuring Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook, who became the first Korean POLICE Ambassador in Korea, attracted attention by wearing POLICE eyewear during the filming of the tvN drama ‘THE K2’ last year.  In these promotional photos, he is wearing a navy color suit and wearing polished black frame and sunglasses with a metal temple. He pushes his head slightly and emphasizes a sharp nose.

POLICE presented its trendy and luxurious designs through its 2017 Eyewear Collection, and will also offer a variety of products from the POLICE Sports Line to enjoy urban lifestyle and outdoor sports.


The POLICE 2017 Eyewear Collection can be found at department stores and duty free shops throughout Myeongdong, Seoul.

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Credit:  POLICE Eyewear; 1st Look Instagram; Sports DongA

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11 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook looks arresting for POLICE eyewear

  1. My husband’s favorite brand of eyewear for me cz he brought me once again.I said I dont want the brand anymore bt when i saw jcw is the ambasador,I love this brand now.he is so gorgeous.I love watching his shows.

  2. Wowww..dashing JCW😍😍❤❤…Thanks for sharing these amazing photos and Video..he is perfect model👍👍…he’s been busy wid promotions, cf, magzines, interviews..omg!! Hectic schedule..Veryy Happy for his recognition but Wookie Take care of your Health!! Stay Strong!! Congratulations for your Movie Success!!cant wait to watch it!! Take care Wookie!! LOVE U to the core!!❤❤❤

  3. JCW will try another drama before enlisting. I hope he will have a role that makes him look good, stylish and handsome all the time ;D. JCW is truly a diamond.

  4. Wow! These photos and video knocked me off my chair! JCW definitedly looks stylish and trendy…like in Europe. Definitely matches his 30-ish image. He’s a great ambassador for the brand. My fav is the last one…swoon. Thank you JCW Kitchen for starting my day with a bang!

  5. personally i don’t like that type of sunglasses but he could sell them to me. he makes them look like something you would really want or need. the power of ji chang wook!

  6. Ahhh..another feather in JCW’s cap. Too much cuteness in one sitting! That profile..!

    Thanks for this post Cherkell!

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