[Movie] Los Angeles “Fabricated City” premiere events and ticket giveaway

As soon as the “Fabricated City” premiere date in Los Angeles was announced, we immediately reached out to our contacts with CJ Entertainment USA to enquire if any special events were planned for this momentous occasion.  And the answer to that is… of course!  😀

In tandem with CJ Entertainment, your friendly admins here at Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen have planned a few things, most notably a giveaway of “Fabricated City” promotional items such as posters signed by the cast and other goodies.  (We’re still working out some details, so please bear with us.)

And thanks to one of our loyal followers, The Kitchen has two one pair of e-tickets to give away:  one pair (2 seats) for the Saturday 18 February 4:45pm showing, and another pair (2 seats) for the Sunday 19 February 4:45pm showing (at the CGV Madang in Koreatown; map below).  We will be giving these away to the first two people who email us at jcwkitchen@gmail.com with the subject line “FabCity Giveaway”; please note your preference in your response.  (Serious enquiries only; please do not enter if you cannot attend the showings in person.) *Tickets have been distributed; thanks for your support!*

In addition, CJ Entertainment will be onsite with their video cameras at the CGV Madang at various times on Saturday and Sunday to gather audience reaction to “Fabricated City,” so make sure to stop by and let them know how much you enjoyed the movie!

As to any promotions held at the CGV Buena Park Cinemas (map below), events are still being worked out for that location, and we will update this post as details roll in.

Due to prior commitments, there are no plans to have the cast and/or Director Park attend any of this first weekend’s showings to present stage greetings to the audience.  If those circumstances change, we’ll definitely notify our readers as soon as we have more information.

Let’s make “Fabricated City” a success in its first premiere weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Koreatown!


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  1. Many thanks for your efforts, and hope you all may make “Fabricated City” a hit in USA. My heart will be there at your side… (Best wishes from Taiwan..^^)

  2. Fabricated City, count me in I will watch with my daughter on Sunday , I will watch on the first screening..

  3. Yay!!! Please keep us updated with the Buena Park event. I have been checking the showtime there but it kept saying “coming soon”..

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