[Movie] Ji Chang Wook greets fans again in cinemas for “Fabricated City”


Ji Chang Wook and the cast of “Fabricated City” are up and about again this weekend for yet another round of appearances at cinemas in Seoul. Yesterday, they met audiences at three movie screenings, and the press was there to cover two of the events. 

First off, Ji Chang Wook, Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Sang Ho, Kim Ki Cheon and director Park Gwang Hyun appeared at CGV Apgujeong branch in Gangnam to meet audiences after the movie.

In the evening, Ji Chang Wook, Shim Eun Kyung and the director then headed to Lotte Cinema World Tower for a “Fabricated City” Relay GV event where they answered questions from fans.

A fan at the event asked him, “Do you know that you are handsome?”, and he said “Yes I do…I’m happy to hear that.”

The trio is scheduled to make more stage appearances at various cinemas in Seoul today.

Meanwhile, “Fabricated City” continues its stellar performance at the box office, though it has since lost its first spot at the box office to the newly released movie “New Trial” starring Kang Ha Neul, who starred with him in the musical “Thrill Me” years ago. Nice to see friendly competition between friends!

As of 18 February, “Fabricated City” places second at the Korean box office with 192,258 admissions yesterday, and a total of 309,051 admissions since its opening day. In third place is the Zhang Yimou film “The Great Wall”, followed by Hyun Bin’s “Confidential Assignment” in fourth place.

Credit: Newsen; OSEN; TV Daily

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  1. I know Korea is obsessed with people being pretty/handsome (U.S. is too, but we don’t seem to harp on it with everyday people as much (at least not directly when talking to them about their looks)), but the question posed to JCW by this fan seems so unfair and awkward. If he says “not really”, you’d know it’s fake modesty because he cannot, not know. I’m glad he handled it well but it just seems so “why are you putting him on the spot and taking up everybody’s time with this question?”

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