[CF] Ji Chang Wook adds MCM to his endorsement lineup

As previously reported, Ji Chang Wook has been named as a new endorser for global luxury brand MCM, which specializes in men’s and women’s wallets, backpacks, passport covers, and other accessories.

Several new photos of Ji Chang Wook were released today by MCM in tandem with its partnership with British designer Christopher Raeburn for their Spring/Summer 2017 accessories and outerwear line.  These items are now available in all upscale stores and online through the MCM x Christopher Raeburn “Made to Move Collection.”


Credit:  MCM_Korea Official IG; BNT China; MCM Worldwide Korea

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  1. Thanks for the post Cherkell.

    Never been a great fan of MCM but it’s JCW! JCW’s got the kind of power whereby he can even sell sand to the Arabs! So how can I resist his sales prowess? Sigh..

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