[Event] Ji Chang Wook stages a sell-out concert in Japan

Ji Chang Wook held a fan meeting cum concert in Japan on the 17th at the Tokyo International Forum, which drew about 5,300 local fans. This was the largest turnout for a single performance.

This concert was the third one that he has held in Japan following his “JCW in OSK 樂ruck CONCERT” in April last year, and his “JCW Autumn Festival” concert in Tokyo and Osaka last November. He showed a surprising power to drum up ticket sales as all seats were sold out to just his Japanese fan club members alone.

Ji Chang Wook’s appearance on stage drew loud cheers from fans at the show. Following the show’s theme of “Songs of love to my fans”, he performed songs such as “To the Butterfly”, “I Miss You (보고 싶다)”,  “Maybe That’s It (그런가 봐요)”, “Bye Bye Bye (안녕 안녕 안녕)”, “Starry Mood (星晴)” and “Kissing You”. Fans sang along with him in Korean. Fans had to choose a song that they would like him to sing, and “I’ll Protect You” from the “Healer” OST placed first. He performed a total of 19 songs, including “I’ll Protect You”, with the live band.

Ji Chang Wook humbly expressed his thanks to his Japanese fans, saying, “I’m here because of my fans”, to which fans responded with warm cheers of support.


Ji Chang Wook’s Japanese fan club is currently managed as a paid membership. Membership rates have increased within a year and membership renewal has also been high, which shows his high popularity in Japan.

According to a local concert representative, Ji Chang Wook has been enjoying great popularity in Japan thanks to his dramas “Empress Ki” and “Healer”. His number of fans have been increasing with time, and there is even greater interest in him now with the airing of “The K2” on Mnet Japan.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook will be having his next fan meeting in Taiwan on 11 March.

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Credit: TV Report

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    • And PLEASE, if whoever answers talks about the movie, please no spoilers or at least put “SPOILER” so I know not to read. 🙂

      I plan on seeing this movie the moment it becomes available at OnDemandKorea but that may take a while so I’d be very thankful for spoiler alerts.

  1. I totally agree that JCW is sooo adorable! Everybody loves him because he is a total package; he is gorgeous, sweet, sexy, cute, and talented. Of course the most important quality as an actor, he has a great acting ability! Why wouldn’t you?

  2. His dance moves are so hilariously cute! And while I believe him that he’s not a really good dancer, I was surprised when watching Healer (again) yesterday that he can at least pull off ACTING as if he can dance. The scene where he’s impersonating his true self – using his real name at the police station to get his father’s records – he knows they’re watching him so he has headphones on listening to music and, while he doesn’t really dance, he gets a little upper body movement going that imitates the rappers’ moves. The boy definitely was on the right beat. He’s got rhythm!

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