[Event] Special screening of “Fabricated City” in Los Angeles (updated)

The fun and games are not over yet, as the folks at CJ Entertainment USA have planned a special screening of “Fabricated City” on 3 March 2017 at 7:00pm at the CGV Madang (Koreatown) in Los Angeles!

In conjunction with the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles and their “Korean Movie Night” series, this screening is free and open to the first 150 attendees to arrive on a first-come, first-served basis.  We highly recommend you RSVP in order to secure a seat, so please use this EventBrite link to do so:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/special-screening-of-fabricated-city-tickets-32309378220

Audience members will be able to enter a lucky draw for autographed posters, vouchers for future Korean movies to be screened at the CGV Theatres, and other goodies still in the planning stages.  And that’s not all — a special video will be shown just for this screening featuring Ji Chang Wook and the cast of “Fabricated City” before the movie!

Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen is happy to partner with CJ Entertainment USA to promote this special screening, and we’ll update this post as more details arrive.  I’ll be there in person, so come on out to say hello and give your support for “Fabricated City”!

Special Thanks To:  CJ Entertainment USA; Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles

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13 thoughts on “[Event] Special screening of “Fabricated City” in Los Angeles (updated)

  1. Oh boy! I wish I can be there with all JCW’s North America fans! It should be really fun chatting about JCW and sounds like the sold out crowd. Anyway, I am going to see his movie in Vancouver BC this Saturday and am hoping to meet some JCW’s fans there. Wish me luck!
    Thanks Cherkell for informing us with lots of good and new information! You rock!

  2. Too bad I wasn’t aware of this great event … the link show ” sold out ” but I though it’s ” First Come, First Serve ” basis? Would love to give more supports even I had seen the film for over 10th times already!

    • It’s “first-come, first served” for those who have RSVPd for a ticket. There are no assigned seats, so you will need to queue up prior to the doors opening at 6:00pm; hence, “first-come, first-served” in order to get inside the theatre.

      • Thanks for your reply. Didn’t reserve online in time … but had seen 3 times this week at CGV Buena Park already. Have fun tomorrow night!

  3. I saw Fabricated City on Wednesday in Buena Park, CA with my son and his fiancée–we thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids came because I bribed them with a Korean meal (Bibimbap) afterwards, but they admitted they really liked it too, although they felt it could be shorter. I enjoyed every moment. JCW is an amazing actor and the rest of the cast were also excellent. I’m thrilled to know I can see Korean movies on the big screen just 30 minutes away. Anyway, I recommend it but it was somewhat reminiscent of the movie “Hackers” with Angelina Jolie. I’ll take JCW over her any day!! Good luck to him–I hope the movie breaks all kinds of records.

  4. Thanks for sharing☺..hope this movie will do well in US and north america also..fighting Fabricated city team!! Happy to hear this website being part of movie promotions..😍😍..U guys are doing really amazing job!! Wookie Take care..stay blessed..Love U to the core❤❤

  5. That poster for the movie irritates me to know end. While I realize it’s supposed to be through some sort of lens, it’s not a very good angle of one of the handsomest stars in K film-drama. The other two people’s images aren’t distorted so why his? I just think they missed an opportunity to pull in fans who aren’t already familiar with JCW who might go see the film just because “Wow! Who is that?!”

  6. sure wish this was at the end of the month when i will be in los angeles! i AM going to see this one way or another!

    • Come join the fun! Watching this movie one time is not enough for me…I need to see it again. You got to meet Cherkell…it was fun trying to guess what she might look like. She definitely looks like a “devoted JCW fan!!!”

      • you are so lucky to have seen it already! was he just awesome or what? JCW on the big screen makes my heart jump!

      • JCW was a fine tuned machine in the movie. It was so fast paced…had no time to drool…had to pay attention to everything. As usual, his acting talents were unbelievable…the wide range of emotions, athletic skills, and of course, his wild hairdo and dirty battered face (he’s still our handsome JCW) kept me focused.

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