[Movie] Ji Chang Wook continues on with more “Fabricated City” stage greetings

As “Fabricated City” begins its third week of release, Ji Chang Wook had even more stage appearances scheduled for Sunday, 26 February, including stops at several Incheon and Bucheon theatres.  CJ Entertainment kindly shared some photos which were taken at their last greetings of the day at CGV Bucheon Station.

For the stage greetings this weekend, Wook was joined by co-stars Oh Jung Se and Kim Ki Cheon, along with Director Park Gwang Hyun.

“Fabricated City” placed 3rd in Korean movie ticket sales for the weekend and are still selling fairly well at 2.4 million admissions to date, even with the influx of newer Korean and Western movies over this past weekend.  And now with “Fabricated City” rolling out to additional cities in North America on 24 February, the international buzz should hopefully continue to grow.

And as mentioned in Wook’s Instagram post yesterday, these stage greetings were the last scheduled for “Fabricated City” promotions.  Now maybe he can finally get some rest before his upcoming fan meetings in Taiwan and Hong Kong! 😀

Credit:  CJ Entertainment Facebook; Naver News

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