[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Taiwan in style

Ji Chang Wook departed for Taiwan this afternoon for his “#Diary 2017 JCW” fan meeting, which will be held in Taipei tomorrow, 11 March.

Reporters met him at Incheon International Airport before he boarded his flight. Dressed in a checkered overcoat with sunglasses, he looked all ready to strut the airport runway, oops, I meant, the fashion runway!


Credit: As watermarked

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5 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Taiwan in style

  1. Thank you Gabby for this update! Wow JCW is indeed a fashion icon in the airport runway! He is so glamorous and utterly gorgeous hands down! All the best JCW on your FM tomorrow!

  2. Wishing JCW another successful FM in Taiwan. And why wouldn’t it be? Just his presence alone would make it a success! 😊

    PS. JCW has put on some weight since his last project methinks! His jawline is not so pronounced. In some of JCW’s older pics his jawline was sharp enough to cut paper! 😆

  3. Thanks for sharing pics and video☺😍😍..lucky fans!!😭😭..When will i get a chance to see him??😭😭..Hav wonderful fan meet Wookie👍😍😍..Take care..Love U soo muchh❤❤❤

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