[Event] Ji Chang Wook meets the press for #Diary 2017 JCW Taiwan fan meeting

Prior to his “#Diary 2017 JCW” fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Centre in Taiwan on 11 March, Ji Chang Wook met the press for interviews, showing off a few of the songs to be featured at the evening’s event, and something involving a very large cookie.

Ji Chang Wook was received by close to 200 fans at the airport when he arrived on Friday night. He personally signed autographs for them and even accepted gifts, showing his warm personality.  This is Ji Chang Wook’s 5th visit to Taiwan and is expected to last 3 days and 2 nights.  It is also expected to be his last visit to Taiwan before his enlistment.

Introducing himself to the Taiwanese press in the local Hokkien dialect, he said “Hello everyone, I am Ji Chang Wook,” and thanked Taiwanese fans for the warm welcome. He wished to visit the night markets or cycle around, but his trips to Taiwan are always very short. He also said that he will be entering the army soon, “Please wait a while for my return”.

Regarding his enlistment, he said, “I probably won’t take too long, please wait a while for my return, I hope fans will remain healthy during this period, and I will return with even better projects.” He is not worried about the two-year break, saying “This is the duty of every man”.

He portrayed a manly character in his drama “The K2”, but he reveals that his real self is not like that. “I may be shy, but if I become familiar with someone, I will be more playful and show more aegyeo.” He also gave a live rendition of the song “Even Though I Loved You” from his musical “The Days” upon the emcee’s request.

He made many hearts flutter with his topless fight scene in “The K2”. He said it was very tiring to film that scene and he followed a diet recommended by a nutritionist and worked out in the gym to maintain his physique. He said his figure is not bad, and if he were to pick what he thinks is the sexiest part of his body, he said “I like my shoulder line”.

Having dabbled with musicals, dramas, movies and web dramas, he said he felt differently for these various formats. He feels that the filming for dramas is more hurried and the feedback from audience is also faster, whereas movies are filmed slowly so you can enjoy the process.

Having shared kisses with actresses such as Park Min Young and YoonA and even shared the most kisses with actor Kang Ha Neul in the musical “Thrill Me”, he said there is definitely a difference between kissing a man and a woman, and said laughingly “It’s not very pleasant to kiss a man” but he beared with it for the sake of the show, drawing laughter from the floor.

As White Day is approaching, a large heart-shaped cookie was prepared for Ji Chang Wook to pen a greeting for fans by drawing on it using pink condensed milk. Besides introducing himself in Hokkien earlier, he even wrote his name in Chinese and the words “I Love You” with a heart symbol on the cookie. Such a gift will surely melt the hearts of fans!

He revealed that he has no experience of spending White Day because he attended a boys’ school. Even when he dated in university, he only had simple dates. “I hope to be able to bring my future girlfriend to a place with nice scenery and spend time together with a cake, I think that will be great.”

When asked if he will take the initiative to confess his love, he said, “It differs in every situation, but I will confess directly, liking means liking, isn’t it better to express things this way?”

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Credits:  ET Today; Apple Daily; Liberty Times; Taiwan Now News; photos as watermarked

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  1. I always love JCW’s interviews because he is candid and sincere. This tells you a lot about JCW’s personality and character, which I think very good and highly. He is the best ~ ❤

  2. He looks sooo good…love his clothes! JCW’s interviews are so enjoyable and revealing. He is more mature in his responses. I love his positive attitude about his “pause” in his career and life with MS…”I’ll be back soon”. Don’t worry JCW, got my calendar and I’ll be waiting for your return!

  3. Wow JCW is incredibly gorgeous and glamorous! He is a sure crowd drawer! I am very happy for him and he seems very happy too!

    Thank you JCW Kitchen for all this updates!

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