[News] Ji Chang Wook makes surprise appearance on Vapp for friends’ movie

In a great display of friendship and loyalty, Ji Chang Wook made a brief guest appearance on a live Vapp broadcast for the movie “Part-time Spy” in support of his friends today.

The new movie “Part-time Spy” starring actresses Kang Ye Won and Han Chae Ah also stars actors Kim Min Kyo, whom he worked with in his movie “Fabricated City”, and Jo Jae Yoon, who played the role of eunuch Gol Ta in the drama “Empress Ki”. Ji Chang Wook showed up midway during the live broadcast, much to the surprise of viewers.

Despite the cast encouraging him to say something to the camera and stay on longer, he swiftly made his escape after taking a selfie with Jo Jae Yoon. He said, “I thought (the broadcast) had ended!”

The broadcast was held in the waiting room of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Station branch just before the VIP premiere, which was the reason why he was there. Unfortunately, he was not photographed by the press at the red carpet.

The VIP premiere was also attended by other celebrities such as actress Jin Se Yeon (who starred with Ji Chang Wook in the drama “Five Fingers”) and Taeyang from Kpop group Big Bang.


You can watch the full video here on Vapp. He appears around the 4-minute and 23-minute mark.

Credit: Star News; Vapp; Jo Jae Yoon instagram

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7 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook makes surprise appearance on Vapp for friends’ movie

  1. I am just so thrilled to see this handsome guy of ours gracing VIPs of his contemporaries/colleagues. He is so kind and generous, traits I was really drawned to him.
    God Bless you more JCW!
    And thank you JCWKitchen for sharing this rare appearances of our best actor!

    • Amen to all these comments! Thanks so much for letting us see more of that dear young man. He is the age of my grandson. Because of his dramas and the beautiful sageuks and scores of other K-dramas I have seen and/or collected, I am planning for a week in S. Korea in August.

  2. So nice. So cool. I’ve often wondered if actors get cast in a drama or film, and then recommend people they’ve worked with in the past. For instance, the actress who played Park Min Young’s disabled mom in Healer, also starred with JCW in Smile Donghae. I notice this a lot so that’s why I’m wondering if it’s loyalty/friendship or just coincidences.

  3. he just proved that he is gorgeous anytime anywhere! and very thoughtful to his friends. who needs makeup when it just covers that natural beauty! (handsomeness)

  4. Thanks for sharing this☺..Kolta met his Emperor☺😍😍 and his brother from five fingers☺☺..Happy to see them together after long time☺😍😍..He is great son, loyal to his friends and to his beloved ones!! Indeed Very charming personality he has!! Thats why i am head over heels love with him😍😍❤❤..Stay blessed Wookir..Take care❤❤

    • DITTO @jcwforever. Beautiful inside and outside…character traits that are admirable especially in the celebrity business. Wonderful man!!!

      • Agree with you..His Inside charm makes him more adorable and an Amazing person..Honestly speaking i have fallen for him becoz of his Innocence and character❤❤..He is pure gold❤❤..Lets shower our Love to him forever and ever❤❤

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