[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to be featured in the April issue of “10+Star”

Actor Ji Chang Wook will be featured in the April issue of ’10+Star’ (Ten Plus Star) magazine.

In the pictorial unveiled today, Ji Chang Wook showed his charms by perfectly pulling off both a dandy look and cute look in the recent 10+Star picture shoot.

Ji Chang Wook showed a calm personality during the interview where he spoke about his movie, “Fabricated City,” in which he had his first starring role, “Its performance at the box office was regrettable, but 2.5 million viewers is not a small number. It was left as a very big piece of work.”

He also revealed that he is careful when choosing works. Ji Chang Wook said that when he chooses a project, “I have never ever exclaimed ‘This (project) is definitely okay.'”

The April edition of the 10+Star also includes a personality interview that Ji Chang Wook did for his fans. He revealed that the most memorable gift he has received from his fans recently is a Squirtle Pokémon doll. He laughed, saying “Someone I know even suggested that I open a stuffed toy shop.” Even though he has not been particularly active, he has already held a fan meeting in Taiwan on the 11th, and he said that, to him, his fans are “people that he is so thankful towards till the point that he feels sorry for no reason.”

He came with his dog Kkoma, and he showed good chemistry with Kkoma who unexpectedly ran into the studio, drawing cheers from the staff.

The April edition of 10+Star will feature a variety of on-site photos including a behind-the-scenes cuts that depict the ‘dog lover’ Ji Chang Wook, and is now on sale at various Korean bookstores and online shopping sites.

28 March Update:  “10+Star” has unveiled Ji Chang Wook’s unofficial cuts and behind-scenes photos and videos.  Ji Chang Wook has been showing the charms of dandyness and cuteness at the same time in the photoshoot, which comprises 20 pages in the April issue.

Ji Chang Wook made his feelings combine easily with his own in the pictorial that was done with two concepts.  From posing with the art book to the shrubbery, every time the photographer pressed the shutter, Ji Chang Wook naturally blended with the background, creating his own feeling which led to the admiration of the staff on the scene.




Credit: tenasia.hankyung.com

10 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook to be featured in the April issue of “10+Star”

  1. JCW is so charming . He is mature but very innocent and pure at the same time. I really love the pic that he was holding his dog .

  2. Thanks for uploading the article! JCW is so sweet and sincere how he feels about fans. I find many charms to love and support JCW, but the number one reason is his character and mindset! JCW is the best ~<3

  3. Thanks for sharing☺😍😍…although his debut movie as first lead on big screen didnt make it huge hit for continuous weeks but i believed that people would recognize his versatile acting skills and i am sure he will get offers in movie industry too in near future..hope and wish his new drama has good plot, consistent writing and direction which will fetch higher ratings and a memorable gift for us till he come back from military!! Hoping for the best!! Wookie fighting!! Will always support you till the end..Take care..stay healthy..keep smiling always😍😍☺..Love u sooomuchh❤❤
    Ps: i heard a rumour that lee sung kyung dropped role becoz sbs and JCW agency didnt accept her as Female lead on hearing Knetizens criticism about her pair up with JCW…is it true??

    • We do not know what goes on behind the scenes so we can’t confirm if said rumour is true, but we’d like to think that the actresses are able to exercise their own autonomy in choosing their own projects, much like how Wook puts in a lot of thought into choosing his own projects.

      • Thank you for clearing my fear!! 1000%agree with what you have said!! 👍👍..I read some comments where some people rumoured that Wookie and his agency declined LSK as female lead becoz of K netizens bashing her acting and looks doesnt match with Wookie (like her character as Bok joo in WFKBJ) so Sbs decided to drop her!!! I was afraid that people (new fans)would misunderstand Wookie becoz of this type of speculations for no reason..so i worried and asked you.
        .sorry for troubling you guyss!! I cant handle and bear if anyone badmouth JCW personality!! He is the Best Person i have ever seen and Amazing Actor in my opinion hope you guyss understand what im saying😭😂😂😍😍!! Jeongmal saranghaeyo Wookie❤❤❤..Take care..

  4. Ohhhh. I’m so disappointed that the movie’s box office isn’t doing well. I thought, based on the articles I read during its opening week that it had done really well. 😦

    I’m also surprised that it says, “Even though he has not been particularly active…” – I mean from the posts here on JCW’s Kitchen, it seems like he’s constantly attending fan meetings, premieres, and photo shoots. Maybe what I consider a heavy schedule (especially considering all the travel involved) is not a lot for S. Korean celebrities?

  5. Wow thank you as usual JCWKitchen for this update. His fans loved him so much that’s why he reciprocated them with equal love. I can never have enough of him, my only bias actor! Waiting for his next project!
    Thanks again JCW Kitchen!

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