[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Malaysia for “Fabricated City”


Ji Chang Wook was photographed at Incheon International Airport earlier this afternoon as he prepared to board his flight to Malaysia, where he will be attending a promotional event for his film “Fabricated City” and the launch of cable channel tvN Movies.

Ever the hardworking guy, he was spotted holding the script books of his upcoming drama “Suspicious Partner”, probably to make use of the flight time to study his new role. Coincidentally, singer Jessica Jung was also boarding the same flight as him for a separate event in Malaysia.

Here are the press pictures of him at the airport. Enjoy!

Credit: As watermarked

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5 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Malaysia for “Fabricated City”

  1. I’m so excited to see his next drama! I love him so much!
    Thank you, admin! 😀 ❤

  2. One of the biggest fights my college-aged (at the time) son and I had was when I refused to repair his ripped jeans and threw them away. They’re cute until they become torn to the point the entire knee is out, like Wookie’s are here. lol

  3. Thank you always, Gabby for your promptness! Hope that he’ll have a fun and successful schedule in Malaysia and Hong Kong! JCW is the best ~ ❤

  4. Thank you Gabby and JCWKitchen for this eye candies…wow Wookie is so gorgeous, ravishing, knock-out and that ripped pants is so cool…Have a safe flight Wookie!

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