[Tutorial] Vote for Ji Chang Wook at the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards!

While we can only hope and pray that Ji Chang Wook wins a Best New Actor Award at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards (that’s for the judges to decide), we fans can still do our part by casting our votes in the Popular Film Actor category. Here’s how!

Voting period: 7 April 2017 – 28 April 2017 @ 11:59pm (Korean time)  *Each person is limited to 10 votes per day.

Step 1: Download the official Baeksang Arts Awards Vote App from Google Play for Android devices, or from the App Store for Apple devices.

Step 2: Open the app after it is installed and go to Settings, which is the bottom right button on the menu below. Log in. See screenshot below.


Step 3: Choose your preferred method of signing in. Register a new account or sign in using your existing Facebook, Gmail or Naver account.


Step 4: After logging in, you can go to the voting page by selecting the second button from the left on the menu at the bottom.


Step 5: Click on “Vote”, and you will be asked to authenticate your device. Select “Confirm”.


Step 6:
Choose the appropriate country dialling code from the drop-down list. (Example: +65 if you are using a Singapore phone number)
Then key in your mobile phone number in the field that says “Mobile phone authentication”.
Select the button “Request authentication code”. A SMS bearing a 4-digit code will be sent to your phone in a few seconds.
Key in the 4-digit code into the field that says “Authentication code”.
Then select the button “Authentication code sent”.


Step 7: Once your device is successfully verified, you can attempt to vote, but the app will prompt you that you do not have enough points to vote. You will need to charge your points first by selecting the middle button in the bottom menu.

You can either select “Free charge” to obtain points for free by completing tasks such as downloading apps and completing surveys, or if you have no patience (like me), select “Paid charge” to buy points by using real money. Every USD1 will give you 1,000 points, which is enough to cast 5 votes. Payment methods may vary depending on your country.


Step 8: After you have earned/bought some points, you can head back to the voting page (see step 4) and pick the “Vote” button next to Ji Chang Wook. You will be brought to another voting page displaying the number of points and votes you have remaining. Select the yellow “Vote” button.


Step 9: This message should appear when you have successfully voted. Select “Continue voting” to cast your vote for him again. 200 points will be deducted for every vote you make. When you run out of points, you have to earn or buy points again (see step 7).

We hope this tutorial will help to simplify the voting process. We also apologise in advance that we may not be able to address every technical difficulty you encounter since every device works differently.

Every vote counts, but please vote within your means since this is a paid voting. Go! Go!

Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards


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  1. Not being very good at technology, I struggled and managed to have success in voting. Since it is tracked by your phone #, it’s very difficult to vote multiple times. I can’t understand how the other actors are getting their votes.

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