[Event] Ji Chang Wook returns to Hong Kong for “JCW 2017 #Diary” fan meeting

After a busy day at the launch of tvN Movies and the gala premiere of “Fabricated City” in Malaysia, Ji Chang Wook was swiftly whizzed off to Hong Kong for his “JCW 2017 #Diary” fan meeting the next day (9 April 2017).

At close to 1:30pm, Ji Chang Wook arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, but fans waiting to receive him did not get many chances to see him as he made a quick getaway to his car via the VIP exit in light of his tight schedule. He still managed to give a quick wave to the lucky few fans and media who got to see him as he got into his car.

It was back to his hotel for a quick nap and to prepare for the evening ahead at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center (KITEC).  The  “2017 JCW in Hong Kong #Diary” was the second fan meeting after his initial visit in June 2015 (recap here).  Many floral stands stood at the entrance from Wook’s various fan clubs.

The audience was then in for a real treat, as Wook started off the show by unexpectedly entering from the rear of the auditorium carrying a basket of red roses and proceeded to pass them out to the crowd whilst singing “I Will Protect You” from the “Healer” OST.

Going with the theme of “diary”, the fan meeting revealed how a week in the life of Ji Chang Wook is like.  The show began with a busy Monday of work. A video played recalling the past, and when December 2014 was mentioned, fans immediately answered “Healer!” Ji Chang Wook laughed, “You all seem to know better than me… I was working hard on filming ‘Healer’ back then. That drama was well-liked by many people, but I had to brave the cold of winter to film it.”

Time continued on to September 2016, and Ji Chang Wook said that was when he was filming “The K2”, but the translation saved him (*as in corrected) as he was actually performing the musical “The Days” back then. He said, “I really liked the musical ‘The Days’, and I felt very happy when performing it. For an actor, being on stage gives the most amount of freedom to express the different images of an actor, and I am able to sing too, isn’t that a kind of attractiveness too?”

As for 20th February 2017, Ji Chang Wook thought for a while before saying, “I was resting at that time… ah, no that’s not right, that was the premiere date for my movie ‘Fabricated City'”. He said jokingly, “Being unemployed is the charm of Kwon Yoo, but he suffered a lot in the movie!”

Tuesdays are rest days for Ji Chang Wook, and the stage was transformed into his bedroom. He said, “My bed at home is bigger, and it’s very clean, there won’t be any dolls on it.” He revealed that he is used to lying flat when sleeping, and he likes to lie on his bed when reading comics. He also talked about his habit when he wakes up, “I’m the kind who will laze around in bed not wanting to get up. I’m not the kind who will get up immediately when the alarm rings, I’ll toss and turn and not think of getting out of bed!” He also said, “I really love to read comics, I would go to the comic book cafe last time, but I’m too lazy to go there now, so I will collect a lot of comics.”

The stuffed dog on stage was meant to represent his pet dog, Kkoma. He said, “My dog was coffee-coloured when she was first born, but she keeps getting whiter, she’s now two years old. She’s very obedient, she doesn’t bark a lot. In fact, sometimes I would even wish to hear her bark! She likes to play with toys and would welcome me home while biting onto a toy.” He revealed that he kisses his dog everyday, and proceeded to demonstrate by kissing the toy dog.  (And then for some unknown reason, autographed the toy dog’s… erm, rear end.)

After a quick costume change, Ji Chang Wook returned to the stage to continue his #diary.  Wook said he would have a big meal on Thursdays, and proceeded to prepare three rice balls which 3 lucky fans got to sample on stage. One of the rice balls contained a lot of wasabi. Ji Chang Wook felt sorry for the fan who got the wasabi-laden ball, so he gave her a light hug and offered her water.

On Fiery Friday, Ji Chang Wook picked 4 fans to play games on stage. During the game that involved throwing paper planes, Ji Chang Wook threw the excess paper planes off the stage, prompting many fans to rush to grab one for themselves.  Another game involved looking at him in the eye without blinking, which he prevailed in on both attempts!

To conclude the show, Ji Chang Wook posed with everyone for a group shot and a thank you letter for his fans was displayed on screen. Besides thanking his fans for coming, he said, “I will prepare for my new show when I return to Korea, then I will have to enlist in the army. After my discharge from the army, I will come back with good works again. Thank you for loving me, let’s meet again next time.”

Songs performed:  “I Will Protect You” (“Healer” OST);”To Butterfly” (“Empress Ki” OST); “Pei Ni” and “Starry Night” (from his Chinese mini-album); “Kissing You” (“7 First Kisses” OST) and “Saranghaetjiman” (“The Days” OST).

Additional press photos from the show are below:

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  1. Thanks for uploading JCW’s HK fan meeting! He and the fans seemed had a great time as always. Love his down to earth personality and sweet charms ~ ♡ Look forward to watch his upcoming new Ro-Co drama on May!

  2. this man! he is so precious! ever the gentleman and so warm and approachable to his fans! oh to receive a rose from him. but my question is DOES THIS MAN EVER SLEEP? he is so busy! i am glad he is filling up his time for his fans too.

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