[Event] Ji Chang Wook wows the crowd in Malaysia for “Fabricated City” premiere (image heavy)

Ji Chang Wook made his first-ever visit to Malaysia on 8 April 2017 in advance of his movie “Fabricated City” 20 April premiere and to assist with the launch of tvN Movies into Malaysia.  As expected, crowds were all over the place to witness his every move at the airport, press conference and red carpet appearance!

Wook sat down for a brief interview with GSC’s resident emcee at the Westin Kuala Lumpur, where they discussed more about himself, his impressions on his first starring movie role in “Fabricated City,” and his first impressions of Malaysia (since it was his first-ever visit).  He was also presented with a box of special GSC popcorn, as the cinema chain is celebrating its 30th anniversary of opening in Malaysia.  Looks like the poor boy hadn’t eaten much that day, as he pretty much inhaled the contents whilst being interviewed.

And kept eating, even after the interview ended…

Then it was time to relinquish the now-empty popcorn box and head over to the tvN Movies press conference further down the hall at the Westin!

During the press conference, Ji Chang Wook frankly admitted his fame has come at a price, but is very happy with the way his life has turned out.  “I have to have a lot of people to like me in order to have this fame. This is my occupation and I’m happy. But there are disadvantages such as discomfort in terms of living my life,” he said.  He was quick to add: “But I get paid for doing this job and I have to go with it. I’m very happy with my job.”

Wook was touched but a bit flustered by the reception he received from fans here since arriving from Seoul.  “I’m really surprised. I promise to work harder to fulfill your expectations of me,” briefly discussing the scrum that occurred upon his arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport late Friday evening.  He also mentioned that he had not seen much of Malaysia, having pretty much staying holed up in his room at the Westin upon arrival.  Wook ended his chat by saying, “I’d like to thank all my fans, as without them, I would not have made it here.”

After the end of the press conference, fans that were chosen from the tvN Movies and HyppTV lucky draws were invited up on stage in groups of 10 in order to have their pictures taken and hi-touch with Ji Chang Wook while leaving the stage.

After that, it was back to his room for some rest prior to the Red Carpet appearance!

At the GSC Pavilion just a few short blocks away, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy waiting for Ji Chang Wook to arrive and grace the photowall.  (You may need to turn your sound down lest blowing out your eardrums. 🙂 )

After the perfunctory photowall photos, Wook was then ushered into the theatre to give his pre-showing remarks and pose for yet more pictures for the press and his fans.

Resplendent in a light gray thin-pinstriped suit with white t-shirt underneath, Wook greeted the crowd with the fan service he knows best: finger hearts and blown kisses!

The usual questions were asked of him that were already discussed during the roundtable press conference, so they will not be duplicated here.  But all in all, a very successful first visit to Malaysia is in the books for Ji Chang Wook, as he is currently jetting off to Hong Kong for his fan meeting at the KITEC today (9 April) at 8:00pm!

More photos of the press conference and “Fabricated City” premiere can be found in the galleries below.  Many thanks to GSC Malaysia and tvN Movies for the use of their coverage!

Credits:  The Malaysian Star; GSC Malaysia Facebook; tvN Movies Facebook

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16 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook wows the crowd in Malaysia for “Fabricated City” premiere (image heavy)

  1. i got a chance to watch Fabricated City on the first day screened & also this is my first Korean movies that i watched at the cinema same as JCW debut movies..~~^^

    i cried when he been beaten at the prison..가슴이 아파..ㅠㅠ the time we watch the movie, i said when JCW appeared, HIS MESSY BUT HANDSOME and my friend mad at me when i always repeat the same word..hahaha ~~^^

    overall, i love the movie a lot & of coz i love Ji Chang Wook moreeee..can wait for his new drama soon..

    p/s : in Malaysia, they cut too many scene because of the word and the action..:)

  2. So I finally got to watch “Fabricated City” and.. I couldn’t! All those scenes in the prison..JCW being beaten up (JCW mentioned several times in interviews that he gets beaten up but I didn’t realize the extent of it!). My heart cringed the first time. After that I just closed my eyes during those scenes! I simply couldn’t bear to watch JCW being beaten up like that. I know it’s a movie..but I just couldn’t watch it. But after all those “don’t want to watch” scenes..I really enjoyed the movie. The action was more than up to my expectations. I loved it! JCW..like it or not..you are a super action movie star in my books. Absolutely love the movie! Well done JCW!

    PS. I truly hope JCW didn’t get hurt – accidentally – during the filming of this movie. Many scenes looked really painful!

  3. Wow thank you for this update JCWKitchen! He is sooooo handsome sans being tired. I love his being candid and honest down to earth replies to all the queries.
    Congratulations Wookie for a very successful PC in Malaysia.
    Fighting for your FM in HK.
    Wow this man never gets tired even a bit!

  4. Hi! I really hope you respond. Will Fabricated City be premiered in the Philippines? 🙏🏻

      • Thank you so much anyway. Im mariane. I always check this blog for updates. Who knows, Chang-wook might come visit the Philippines! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
        Thank you!

  5. I think he went to have bak kut teh after the event.. saw some people sharing videos of him entering the restaurant 🙂

  6. the price for being famous is sacrificing your privacy and always in the microscope lenses of fans and anti-fans alike. i hope that he still finds at least a little peace and quiet whenever he needs it. all the best JCW!

  7. I totally understand inhaling the popcorn because didn’t JCW’s Kitchen mention he’s been dieing recently?

    And if somebody would please explain took me what “scrum” means and what exactly happened -“briefly discussing the scrum that occurred upon his arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport late Friday”.

    • “Scrum” = a usually tightly packed or disorderly crowd. There was quite a ‘scrum’ when Wook arrived at KLIA, and I think he and his handlers were not quite prepared for the size of the excited crowd that assembled. Fortunately, all reports state no one was injured.

      • thank you for the definition of scrum crowd. i wondered about it too. never heard of that description!

      • Thanks. I even Googled it and didn’t get that definition, not even in slang dictionaries. Maybe it’s a cultural term.

      • i was there at the airport too..at first i thought Ji Chang Wook fans just a few of us included me & my friend..so i think that crowded was Jessica fans bcs i heard Jessica will be arrived at the same time as JCW..so i think MAYBE they were waiting for Jessica but i’m wrong..many fans waiting for JCW too & yes there are no one was injured..seriously, that was my first time waiting at the airport and that just for JCW..

        I can say that I do not regret choosing him as my favorite actor..even now there are many new actor but my eyes still for him.<3

        hopefully, he can came again to Malysia maybe for fan meeting before enlisted..~~^^

  8. many many thanks to you for keeping us updated on his whereabouts! and the photos of a very handsome man we love! ❤

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